Topic two Company perspective - DMBA 630 9047 Marketing and Strategy Management in the Global Marketplace (2178)

Topic two Company perspective
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Using financial performance information at the company level for your selected Industry in topic one, discuss your
views on the following questions. Use and refer to the assigned readings to support your views.
1. How is it that, even among the best performing industries, only some companies do well? How can some
companies in poorly performing industries still do well?
2. Generally speaking, for companies in the same industry, what factors would explain differences in company
performance over the long term?
3. Which company in your selected industry would you recommend for your team's strategy project? Explain why,
using data to support your recommendation. Remember that you will want to select a company that is not already
operating in too many of the BRICS+ Next 11 countries, as that would leave you with little room for international

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15-06-22 | 02:47:57

1.    How is it that, even among the best performing industries, only some companies do well? How can
some companies in poorly performing industries still do well?
            One of the biggest reasons for companies to perform so well is reputation. If you look at Apple Inc.
for example, the company has a huge loyal fan base. These consumers are the reason for the company’s
overall success. The amount of money that the company can pour into R&D is billions more than its next
competitor. Furthermore, some companies even in the best performing industries are subjected to poor
management. According to our textbook, titled, Principles

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