[SOLVED]Using information from the ABI Inform and

[SOLVED]Using information from the ABI Inform and GlobalEdge Databases of Industry Performance, select data on the
following subset of industries:
financial services
consumer goods
telecoms and technology
Based on the data you find, discuss your views on the following questions.
1. What kinds of industries tend to be better performers in the medium to long term? Why? What kinds of industries
tend to do poorly in the medium to long term? Why? Refer to the readings to support your views.
2. Can you make the claim that some industries are inherently more profitable than others? Provide arguments and
examples to justify your response.
3. Which of these industries would you recommend for your team's strategy project? Justify your recommendation.

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21-09-20 | 11:43:49

Automobile, healthcare, consumer goods, financial services tend to perform well in medium to
long term while telecommunication performs poorly (Eresearch, 2017). Checking on
opportunities and threat of these industries can help to explain the variance in their performance.
Performance of automobile is based on the ability of many people to afford cars. Besides that, it
is also based on ability to develop affordable cars. With high demand for a long time, there is an
expectation that industry will perform as a whole. Competition is another factor to consider, high
competition in automobile bring about cost reduction thus giving many people able to own cars.
Many companies in automobile industries are making smaller cars and cost effective one. Such
cars attract young buyers who can afford them with average income. That is the main reason why
car sales in North America and Europe have been increasing over the last ten years. Despite that,
the challenge of automobile industries lay in the emerging market since the sales in such Areas
has always been decreasing. The main cause of that might be shrinking economy or few rich and
many poor. The health sector is the second performing industry after consumer discretionary.
The performance of healthcare industry can be attributed to aging baby boomers as well as
improvement of

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21-09-20 | 11:47:41

A medium to long term industry is one that develops overtime. Industries such as the automobile,
technology, and healthcare take years to achieve significant growth. This growth can often only be
achieved through larger capital or labor investments. These industries may require capital investments
such as high-tech machinery or advanced technology to create your products and rely heavily on
suppliers to provide quality materials. This is very true of the automobile and technological industries,
which require large amounts of money to support the creation of the products being sold. Similarly, some
industries, such as healthcare, require labor costs, or human capitol (Khanna,

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21-09-20 | 11:48:00

The healthcare industry tends to be better performing in the long term.  Large initial investments in the
healthcare industry tend to take a longer period, but with stable and growing demand typically sees
positive returns.  This is a highly fragmented market that is reliant on demographics and politics of a given
region. The US has seen stagnant and declining performance in healthcare industry due in large part to
the uncertainty of policies from the new administration.  However, the industry is poised for long term
success in

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