About us

Last Update: 16 Dec, 2022

Pluscademics.org is a micro job platform that offers services worldwide. At Plusacademics, your order for anything that can be done online and get it ready on time in right size and quality. Our system periodically evaluates our freelancer to ensure that they live up to client expectation. Therefore, when you select Plusacademics for your next project be it a complex one or a simple one, you can rest assured that the needed quality and quantity will be delivered on time.

Plusacademics freelancers come from different parts of the world. Therefore, you can easily search and select freelancer based on their location to find specialized services. Our system also requires our freelancers to include their experience level in different fields. Therefore, you can be able to select freelancer based on their experience level to ensure the services offered reflect your desire.

Plusacademics freelancers are not segregated based on any aspect such as experience or country especially those that are in entrant level. Instead, our system displays their services randomly, and in some circumstances, it is more likely to display the services of those who have consistency in delivering quality services often. Therefore, if you continuously offer good services, you are likely to succeed easily in our platform. Hence, make it a priority for you to deliver an outstanding service every time.
Plusacademics services rates are also friendly as clients are only charged 20% for using our services. The rate has no other hidden charges. Besides, we also extend discount rates to our loyal customers. Therefore, be vigilant to check if you are eligible for discounts.