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Hi dear Hope you are doing fine today and I believe you are viewing this service description since you need help. I am an expert in CAPSIM, COMPXM and capstone in general and I believe I can be of great help to you in solving CAPSIM problems. I can take over from capsim login to Capsim round 1 answers 2021 or even capsim round 7 answers 2021 and 2022. I can also provide you with over 900 points comp xm answers 2022. You can count on me in all section of capsim, compxm and global dna decision making including production, R and D, marketing, production, human resource, finance and TQM. • You can also count on me if you are looking to resolve heavy debt and become solvent again. • You can also count on me to help you with capsim reports • My minimum charge per round is indicated below. Thank you for choosing to view my service. I promise quality capsim and comp xm help. Thank you
Minimum Price $ 450

risk management and project management

I am a PMP qualified project management and risk management expert. I can assist you with all project and risk management tasks including; Gantt chart Work schedule WBS Ms project Risk identification and mitigation Am here to work with you and give you the best
Minimum Price $ 10

Write investment loan , business plan, proposal and market research

Hi dear I hope you are doing alright today, and I believe you are here because you need help with your business plan or market research. I am a qualified business planer with over 4 years’ experience, and I believe I have all that takes to get you a business plan or market research that serves its intended purpose. Some of my area of expertise include; Business proposals Market research Marketing plan Business plan Request for proposals Strategies evaluations and reviews Pitch decks Business literature and business terms 3 to 5 years Financial planning and projections I usually go into detail to ensure that I deliver something that truly reflects your business needs. therefore, you can count on me for outstanding business documentation. I guarantee you unbeatable services that will serve your specified needs.
Minimum Price $ 50

supply chain and operation management

I am an experienced supply chain and operation management, tutor. I have vast knowledge in this field and i can assist you with all report writing, analysis and case study. My other areas of expertise include; supply chain mapping case studies analysis operation strategy and review operation management models others specified Feel free to contact me, I'll surely give you the best
Minimum Price $ 10

I will help with Dissertation, essays, research and proposal

if you are looking for a research assistant with wide knowledge then you are in the right place. I am an experienced researcher with over 7 years of experience and I can get you everything you need the way you want. I am very good at dissertations, essays, term papers, and general research and proposals. Choosing my services guarantees you plagiarism-free, well researched and original content. Kindly, feel free to contact me and I'll surely give you the best.
Minimum Price $ 5

I will Help with COMPXM, CAPSIM, CAPSIM globalDNA,CESIM, BSG and Hubro

I will solve all your compxm and Capsim problem. With 3 years' experience and I guarantee 870+ points. I am experienced with COMP XM, capsim competition rounds, capsim foundation, and capsim globalDNA . Specificallky, I am also good in COMPXM and CAPSIM strategies, production, marketing, TQM and human resource. In case of other simulations like a business simulation game(BSG), CESIM, Hubro etc do not forget to contact me, I’ll give you the best. My services include -complete capsim, capsim globalDNA and comp-xm decision making and answers -complete guide to all simulation -complete teaching via zoom -any other specified help I am always available. Kindly contact me and I’ll get to you as soon as possible. In case of delay, kindly contact support via
Minimum Price $ 400


*****PHP LARAVEL CODEIGNITER WEB DEVELOPER******* *******ALWAYS DISCUSS FIRST BEFORE MAKING ORDER****** Dear Visitor, I have 6+ yrs experience in PHP , LARAVEL , CODEIGNITER MVC & HMVC, & Api's Development. I have developed many projects. E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Custom Management System (CMS), Learning Management Systems ( LMS ) , Point Of Sale (POS), School/College Management System (SMS) and many others too. I can provide you quality services. Your satisfaction is my first priority. I expect that I will be considered favorably. Through proper channels FIVER, FREELANCE Or UPWORK Fiver Freelance Upwork WhatsApp Portfolio THANK YOU.
Minimum Price $ 10

I will Capsim, compxm, global DNA help

Hello friend, I am an experienced capsim, compxm, global DNA, business simulation game and Harvard simulation expert. I am available to offer you capsim help, comp xm and any other simulation assistance. Some of my services includes; Capsim strategy plan formulation Comp answers 2021 Capsim cheat sheet 2021 pdf or excel Comp xm exam answers Comp xm board queries answers Complete comp xm capsim simulation help Feel free to contact me today. I'll surely give you the best compxm help possible. I guarantee you 900+ points for compxm. For further inquiry you can reach our support via Thank you for choosing my services. I'll surely give my best.
Minimum Price $ 400

I will Guaranteed more than 930 points comp xm answers and capsim

Hello friend, Hope you are doing alright today and thank you for taking your time to view my service. I offer capsim and comp xm simulation help. I have 4 years experience in capsim and I can guarantee 900+ points for compxm. For capsim, I can guarantee you 650+ points out of 800. I also offer assistance in other simulation games including Harvard marketing simulation, business simulation game (bsg) and others. Choosing my services will provide you with; Complete capsim simulation tips Complete capsim decision making Comp xm answers 2021 Comp xm board queries answers 2021 Havard business simulation answers Harvard business publishing simulation answers 2021. Harvard business project management simulation answers 2021. Harvard business change management simulation answers 2021. Harvard business data analytics simulation answers 2021. Harvard business project management simulation answers 2021 scenario a. Harvard business project management simulation answers 2021 scenario c. Harvard business project management simulation answers 2021 scenario f. I can assist you with any other simulation. In case of delayed reply, kindly email support via and I'll get in touch soon. Thank you.
Minimum Price $ 400

Software Engineer web develoment

Experienced PHP programmer looking for challenging and rewarding opportunities while using open-sourced materials to design Web-based solutions. Comfortable collaborating with programmers’ project manager’s designers and database administrators in the administration of software architecture. - Expertise: Web Development, REST API, CMS, Cloud Computing, OTT Platform Development - Overall Professional & Techincal Skills. PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CodeIgniter, Laravel,jquery, vue.js, angular js, MYSQL, MongoDB, REDIS, Beantalk queue server, HTML/CSS, JWT,| JSON, POSTMAN, bitmovin Video Enconder, DRM, OTT, IOT, DASH, HLS, S3, EC2, Lamba, XML, EPG, Cron, MVC, HMVC, JIRA ,GIT, SCRUM -Web Frameworks CodeIgniter, Laravel -CMS WordPress - Concept & Methodologies OOP, MVC, WaterFall, Agile, Data Structures, Automata - Cloud & Hosting Services AWS, EC2, RDS, ELB, BitMovin Video Encoding, GoDaddy, CPanel, SSH, FTP - Management & VCS Skills JIRA, SCRUM , Agile Development , GIT - Technical Knowledge of Android & IOS Development, HTML/CSS, Software Design Patterns - Others Skills Networking, MS Office, NetBeans
Minimum Price $ 100

I will write outstanding resume and CVs

Resume writing today have become very complex due to many requirements. For instance, due to large number of applicants, you need to check keywords, wording and general format of your resume. Resume should also reflect writing proficiency. This service will assist you to write resumes that stand out. Those that will assist you to be among the few that will be selected for interview. This service will also give you tips for interview, resume template and any other related content. So feel free to ask since I am here for you
Minimum Price $ 10

I will create case studies, SWOT and PESTEL analysis

I am an experienced case study, SWOT and PESTEL analyst and I strongly believe I can be of great help to you. I have done hundreds of case studies SWOT and pestel analysis and I think i have all that takes to help. Kindly contact me to get assistance. thank you
Minimum Price $ 10

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