Topic one industry perspective - DMBA 630 9047 Marketing and Strategy Management in the Global Marketplace (2178)

Topic one industry perspective
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Using information from the ABI Inform and GlobalEdge Databases of Industry Performance, select data on the
following subset of industries:
financial services
consumer goods
telecoms and technology
Based on the data you find, discuss your views on the following questions.
1. What kinds of industries tend to be better performers in the medium to long term? Why? What kinds of industries
tend to do poorly in the medium to long term? Why? Refer to the readings to support your views.
2. Can you make the claim that some industries are inherently more profitable than others? Provide arguments and
examples to justify your response.
3. Which of these industries would you recommend for your team's strategy project? Justify your recommendation.

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15-06-22 | 02:44:43

A medium to long term industry is one that develops overtime. Industries such as the automobile,
technology, and healthcare take years to achieve significant growth. This growth can often only be
achieved through larger capital or labor investments. These industries may require capital investments
such as high-tech machinery or advanced technology to create your products and rely heavily on
suppliers to provide quality materials. This is very true of the automobile and technological industries,
which require large amounts of money to support the creation of the

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