[solved] Which one of the following statements is false when it comes to using value chain analysis to determine a company's cost competitiveness?

Whether a company's costs are competitive with those of its close rivals depends on how the costs of its internally-performed value chain activities compare with the costs of the internally-performed value chain activities of its close rivals.

The combined costs of all the various primary and support activities comprising a company's value chain define the company's internal cost structure.

Evaluating a company's cost-competitiveness involves using what accountants call activity-based costing to determine the costs of performing each value chain activity.

A company's cost-competitiveness depends not only on the costs of internally performed activities (its own value chain) but also on costs in the value chains of its suppliers and distribution channel allies.

A company's own internal costs are insufficient to assess whether its product offering and customer value proposition are competitive with those of rivals.

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correct answer:
Whether a company's costs are competitive

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