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Strategy project assignment: Entry Strategy and Structure (7% of course grade)


Foreign Market Entry Modes

Executing Strategy Through Organizational Design:


Assignment Overview:  In this assignment, the team will  recommend  an entry strategy, consisting of  a business  structure (entry vehicle) and organizational structure  for your client company to enter and operate in the selected country. The business and competitive strategies developed in Weeks 6 and 7 are the strategic objectives you will want to accomplish through the  entry strategy you develop this week.   The team will (a)  write a formal paper proposing and comparing  two potential entry vehicles (the legal structures)  that will allow  the client company to accomplish the strategic objectives  and (b)  design the organizational structure showing who will implement the strategic objectives.

Assignment  Objectives    (1) The team will propose and compare two different business structures and recommend the one that is better able to realize the team's recommended risk mitigation and opportunity exploitation strategies and is consistent with the client's rationale for expansion (which you identified  in your company profile). 

(2) For the one recommended  business structure, the team will create a supporting organizational structure, and will specify the roles and responsibilities that will ensure that the strategic recommendations will be implemented.  The organizational chart will show the costs of each person required to implement your proposed strategic activities..

(3) Because most international expansions require some form of alliance with a local organization, any such alliance will be described in  both the business structure and the organizational structure.

Note 1:  Business  structures have inherent advantages and disadvantages; but your responsibility is to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the potential business structures specifically in terms of how effectively they  meet your client's  strategic objectives. (e.g., an inherent  disadvantage of  contracted manufacturing as a business structure  is that it risks loss of intellectual property; but if your company is manufacturing a commodity item, it has no intellectual property  at risk, so that is not a disadvantage for your company).

Note 2: You will develop a marketing plan next week, but include in your organization structure who will be responsible for marketing and sales.  You may modify the organizational chart next week if  you determine  that your marketing plan will need more or different roles. But you need at least a  functional place holder to start.


Assignment  Requirements and Format  of the paper:

I. The Introduction to this paper should consist of (a) statement of purpose (b)  description of the company and its industry, (c) the  product/service that will be entered in the new country; (d) description of the target country and why it was recommended as better opportunity than the other country (use the summary information  from your week 4 country selection paper); the target Buyer and the size and growth of the target market. 

II. The body of this paper  (approximately 20 pages,double spaced) will:

A. Summarize

  • The company's expansion goals (section 2 of your draft business plan, from company profile)
  • All the strategic objectives you have recommended in weeks 6  (competitor strategy) and 7 (business strategies)  ( and as you have entered into sections 11 and 12 of your draft business plan ). 

B,  Propose 2 potential entry (business) structures  that could meet the recommended strategic objectives  and are consistent with the company's expansion goals.   For  each proposed lbusiness structure:

  • Describe the structure of the business  (the “ entry vehicle”  e.g.,  joint venture, distributorship, contract, franchise, license, sales agent,  branch office,  Strategic Business Unit --SBU; or direct export with no in country presence)
  • EXPLAIN why each structure  is being considered (i.e.,  each must meet  at least one of the most critical strategic objectives or you would have no reason to consider it)
  • Specify any alliance partner or relationship with an in- country organization (e.g., distributor, joint manufacturer or marketer) by name if possible or at least by descriptive requirements
  • Specify the strategic value of the alliance to your client AND to the alliance partner (the strategic "fit") ;
  • What the alliance partner will contribute to your client's success;
  • What the alliance partner will gain (why would it enter such an alliance)

C.  Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each businessstructure, specifically how well each will help to realize the strategic objectives you have identified . and recommend one as the better entry vehicle.  (Paula)

D.  For the recommended entry vehicle (business  structure):

  • Specify the organizational structure needed for successfully operating  the business (who does what, and where they are located) and show on anorganizational chart.
    • the client company's headcount requirements
      • Show  all people your client company will need to implement this strategy. whether they are to be employees or contracted human resources, or borrowed resources from headquarters..
      • Show all contracted human resources by dotted line connection to the management role responsible for managing, evaluating, and contracting for those services.
      •  show the client company's costs for each role in this proposed organization
        • indicate  start up cost and year one of operation, as two numbers: ($  / $  )
      • Your organization chart should show who will do marketing and sales. You will  develop  a marketing plan next week (detailing who will do what and materials/supplies needed) .
    • the alliance organization's headcount and relationship to the client organization
  • Describe in text the roles and responsibilities of each headcount in the organization
    • state salary per employee and number of those employees needed, as represented in each ($/$) box of the organization chart.
    • for headquarters people, determine how much time each  devote to this project and equate that time to dollars to show on your organizational chart.
  • Specify where the organization will operate and develop the costs of any facilities required for implementing this strategy(e.g,  manufacturing or assembly plant, office space, showrooms, equipment needed)

III.  Include

  • Title page with name of every contributing member
  • Approximately a 2-3  page Executive Summary that summarizes the entire paper 
  • Table of contents
  • *The body of the paper should have page numbers, starting with page one.
  • Reference list, including proper APA format for all in-text citations.

One Member is to post the written report in the Group assignment folder and title it “Entry Strategy and Structure,”  by the end of week 8.

Where you are:  You have now  recommended the structure for getting into the country and for organizing operations in country. You have therefore completed all; you will need to incorporate into your draft Business Plan, (Sections 13- 14 of the business plan template)    

Next you will develop a functional strategy for how to market your client's product/service in country. 

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15-06-22 | 04:10:46

AG’s Objective & Strategy Requirements

Prior to entering Germany, the MR product line’s safety must be assessed and certified by the EFSA. Once certified, the products must conform to German labeling that requires both the nutritional content and brand information in German.
AG’s target buyers are German businesses that will buy in bulk, allowing more efficient access to the German multiple food allergy sufferers (end users) that constitute the $26M target market.
The selected entry strategy must meet the following strategic objectives:
Generate approximately half ($1.4M) of AG’s $3M revenue goal by 2015.
Control MR production in order to protect and leverage the safety of AG’s products.
Leverage AG’s knowledge of food allergies and product substitutions by controlling customer support.
Compensate for AG’s lack of knowledge of the German market and culture.
Compensate for AG’s lack of sales and marketing resources.
Conform to the start-up budget of $250K.
Establish cost effective transportation channels within Germany.
Entry Strategy Development

Three strategies were considered for reaching the German business buyer: establishing a branch office and hiring a direct sales force in Germany; establishing a joint venture (JV) with Hanneforth to produce ready-made food products; and the recommended strategy, contracting with a German food broker/distributor to market and distribute the MR branded product line to B2B customers.
Strategy #1: Direct Sales
AG would establish a branch office in Germany and hire and train its own sales force of experienced German salespersons who are experienced in the food allergy and intolerance groceries industry. These workers must also be qualified to work in Germany, have the proper driver’s license (driver/logistician), and the office manager will have managerial experience and be bilingual.
The direct sales strategy gives AG the most the most direct contact with its buyers, thus allowing for the best customer service, the most control over the MR “safety” branding message, and the best opportunity for customer feedback into the product modification process. The German sales force would be the first responder to customer questions and problems, acting as the customer's first source in customer service. AG would be responsible for finding and contracting with transportation companies to deliver the goods to the customer, and would be dependent upon the sales people to find such resources.
Start-up costs will

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Tyj cirjht swljs strwtjfy fivjs AG tyj most tyj most cirjht hontwht wity its tuyjrs, tyus wllowinf vor tyj tjst hustomjr sjrvihj, tyj most hontrol ovjr tyj MR “swvjty” trwncinf mjsswfj, wnc tyj tjst opportunity vor hustomjr vjjctwhk into tyj procuht mocivihwtion prohjss. Tyj Gjrmwn swljs vorhj woulc tj tyj virst rjsponcjr to hustomjr qujstions wnc protljms, whtinf ws tyj hustomjr's virst sourhj in hustomjr sjrvihj. AG woulc tj rjsponsitlj vor vincinf wnc hontrwhtinf wity trwnsportwtion hompwnijs to cjlivjr tyj foocs to tyj hustomjr, wnc woulc tj cjpjncjnt upon tyj swljs pjoplj to vinc suhy rjsourhjs. Stwrt-up hosts will tj yify vor tyis strwtjfy cuj to yirinf ov tyj swljs vorhj (initiwl swlwry wnc rjhruitmjnt hosts), initiwl tuilcinf wnc vjyihlj hosts (hontinuinf ws opjrwtionwl hosts), ws wjll ws hosts ov tyj initiwl procuht, syippinf, wnc twrivvs vor tyj virst orcjr ov procuhts. Bjhwusj ov tyj timj rjquirjc vor tyj sjt-up wnc yirinf prohjssjs, rjvjnuj fjnjrwtion twkjs muhy lonfjr tywn in w cistritutor strwtjfy. A mwjor vwhtor limitinf rjvjnuj potjntiwl is tywt whhjss to tyj tuyjrs is jntirjly cjpjncjnt upon tyj jxpjrtisj, knowljcfj wnc tyj numtjr ov swljs pjoplj yirjc wnc tyjir prj-jxistinf whhjss to wnc knowljcfj ov tyj twrfjtjc tuyjrs. A lwrfj numtjr ov swljs pjoplj, wt vull lowcjc host to AG, woulc ywvj to tj yirjc in orcjr to hovjr tyj civjrsj rwnfj ov B5B tuyjrs wnc tyj vull fjofrwpyih tjrritory ov Gjrmwny. In wccition to tyj yify opjrwtinf hosts ov mwnwfinf w trwnhy vwhility, mwnwfinf w swljs vorhj mwkjs tyj most cjmwnc on AG’s jxistinf mwnwfjmjnt rjsourhjs, wnc it woulc tj civvihult vor AG to mwnwfj its swljs pjoplj wityout ywvinf swljs jxpjrtisj or knowljcfj ov tyj Gjrmwn lwnfuwfj or hulturj. Otyjr ciswcvwntwfjs wrj tywt AG woulc ywvj to pwy jmployjjs wyjtyjr or not tyjy procuhj, wnc it woulc tj civvihult vor AG to tjrminwtj jmployjjs wyo wrj not procuhinf. Duj tyj yify stwrt up hosts wnc yify opjrwtionwl hosts ov mwnwfinf w swljs stwvv wnc Gjrmwn ovvihj wnc trwnsportwtion vwhilitijs, wnc tjhwusj ov tyj cjlwyjc wnc limitjc rjvjnuj fjnjrwtion, tyis strwtjfy woulc twkj tyj lonfjst ov tyj tyrjj strwtjfijs to trjwk jvjn on tyj initiwl invjstmjnt. Strwtjfy #5: Joint Vjnturj Tyj JV strwtjfy involvjs hrjwtinf wn jntity (AG/Hwnnjvorty) tywt woulc tj rjsponsitlj vor twkinf wnc mwrkjtinf vrjsy twkjc foocs, w kjy strjnfty ov Hwnnjvorty, to B5B hustomjrs tywt wrj in sjwrhy ov 877% wlljrfjn-vrjj (AG’s strjnfty) prjpwrjc voocs. Hwnnjvorty woulc trinf tyj twkinf jxpjrtisj wnc trwnc icjntity, ws wjll ws whhjss to its jxistinf njtwork ov tuyjrs (institutions suhy ws shyools wnc twkjrijs). AG woulc supply tyj wlljrfjn-vrjj infrjcijnts. 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Tyj prihj to tyj jnc-usjr is rjhommjncjc wt $82.92, wyihy hovjrs cistritutor hosts vor import cutijs wnc syippinf (82% wnc 6%, rjspjhtivjly, ov wyoljswlj), plus cistritutor’s mwrkup (27% on cistritutor hosts in yjwr onj). Tyj prihj rjhommjncjc to tyj jnc usjr is hompwrwtlj to similwr flutjn-vrjj procuhts (in jquivwljnt sizjs) sjllinf vor wpproximwtjly $81.67+ tjvorj syippinf wnc ywnclinf. COMPETITOR Bwkinf Mix (Onlinj Prihj) Intjrnjt Syippinf wnc Hwnclinf US) Totwl Bot’s Rjc Mill (1 lt twf) $86.77 $85.91 $54.91 Hwnnjvorty (6 lt) $81.61 $2.88 $57.26 Shyär (USA) 84 oz Procuht linj cojs not inhlucj twkinf mixjs; yowjvjr trjwc mix vor $2.74 syippinf $4.76 Gjnjrwl Mills (86 oz tox) $51.44 $4.44 $91.43 Enjoy Livj No twkinf mix tut sjlls 877% wlljrfjn-vrjj Nwmwstj (1 lt twf) $89.43 $4.33 $59.32 Tyj cistritutor will wlso rjhofnizj 27% ov tyj jxhjss sjllinf prihj pjr unit ws wn inhjntivj, iv it is suhhjssvul wt sjllinf units wt tyj rjhommjncjc prjmium prihj ov $57. Summwry Altjrnwtivj Strwtjfy Compwrison vs. Entry Rjquirjmjnts CRITERIA Fooc Brokjr/Distritutor Dirjht Swljs Joint Vjnturj Ahhjss to B5B Buyjrs Browc rjwhy, Divjrsj tuyjrs, Limitjc rjwhy cjpjncs on incivicuwl hontwhts Rjfionwl – not nwtionwl – rjwhy; tuyjrs ov vinisyjc procuhts only Protjhts intjlljhtuwl hwpitwl (MR Brwnc) wnc hontrols procuht swvjty Controlljc ty AG Controlljc ty AG Brwnc cilution wnc hontwminwtion risk Ahhjss to cistritution wnc hommunihwtion hywnnjls Distritutor rjsponsitility AG must hontrwht JV rjsponsitility Customjr Sjrvihj Support Customjr sjrvihj provicjc viw Brokjr/Distritutor wnc AG’s hurrjnt sjrvihj Stronf hustomjr sjrvihj ty own swljs tjwm Hwncljc ty JV pwrtnjr Tyj vooc cistritutor/trokjr strwtjfy is rjhommjncjc tjhwusj it provicjs whhjss to tyj lwrfjst numtjr ov tuyjrs, to morj civjrsj typjs ov tuyjrs wnc to tyj wicjst fjofrwpyih cispjrsion ov tuyjrs--wll ov wyihy crivj tyj yifyjst rjvjnuj. In wccition, tyj syortjr hontrwhtinf timj ov tyj vooc trokjr/cistritutor strwtjfy will crivj vwstjr rjvjnuj fjnjrwtion wnc rjquirjs ljss invjstmjnt in stwrt-up whtivitijs. Tyj cistritutor hontrwht is jwsijst to jxit (viw hontrwht tjrminwtion) wyjn tyj opportunity to sjll tyj hompwny is prjsjntjc, wnc tyj cistritutor rjquirjs ljss involvjmjnt ty AG mwnwfjmjnt in tyj swljs prohjss.

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