[solved] Which of the following is not part of the procedure for evaluating the pluses and minuses of a diversified company's strategy and deciding what actions to take to improve the company's performance?

Assessing the competitive strength of the company’s business units and drawing a nine-cell matrix to simultaneously portray the industry attractiveness and competitive strength of each of the business units

Checking whether the company has sufficient corporate parenting capabilities to cope with resource fit conflicts and strategic fit incompatibilities among the businesses the company has diversified into

Assessing the attractiveness of the industries the company has diversified into, both individually and as a group

Ranking the performance prospects of the various businesses from best to worst and determining what the corporate parent’s priorities should be in allocating resources to its different businesses

Evaluating the competitive value of cross-business strategic fits along the value chains of the company’s various business units and checking whether the firm’s resources fit the requirements of its present business lineup

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correct answer
Checking whether the

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