[solved] Week 4 Group country analysis and recommendation


Week 4 Group country analysis and recommendation     (6% of course grade)

Assignment Overview.  There are two parts to this assignment.  In Part One, the team will select two of the most promising country markets from its individual members’ week 3 analyses.  In Part Two, the team will conduct a more detailed comparison of those two countries, with emphasis on the Opportunity for your client's particular product/service (market size and operational support) and the level of competitive Threat (competitors for your client's product/service).


Same as week 3,

Plus: Anticipating the size of your market:


Assignment Part One Objectives: Each team will assess and compare the PESTEL data that was developed for each of the countries analyzed by the individual team members in their week 3 assignment (number of countries = number of members x 2).  Create a comparison table to assist in this team discussion and to ensure that comparable data are used for all countries analyzed. If necessary, gather any missing data to make valid comparisons. Based on this comparison, the team will select two countries as the better potential opportunities and deserving of further analysis. 

State briefly, in two or three paragraphs, the criteria you used to compare them and the rationale for your selection of the two most favorable countries (which criteria were most important and why).  This table and text is to be posted in the Group Locker. Only the summary statement for why these two countries were selected will  be included in the Part Two written paper.


Assignment Part Two Objectives. The objectives are to further analyze Opportunity and Threat in the two countries and recommend one country for your client's market entry.   The team will expand the PESTEL analyses already done by (1) estimating the Economic Opportunity for your client's specific product/service; i.e., the potential market size for your client's particular product/service (2) evaluating  the general level of competitive Threat (e.g., number and size of competitors); and (3) determining  how well  your client's operational needs can be met.  

 Assignment Part Two requirements/format:


  1. The introduction to this paper should consist of (a) statement of purpose (b) description of your client company and industry; (b) the product/service it will be taking into the new country; (c) the selection process and rationale for why these two countries were selected as the more favorable potential markets from all the countries your team members evaluated (This is the summary rationale from Part One of this assignment).


  1. The body of the paper (approximately 10-15 pages, double spaced), should compare the two country markets on:


  •  Opportunity factors and trends – Paula


  • Economic:   What is the market size and growth forecast FOR YOUR COMPANY’S PRODUCT/SERVICE. Be specific about who your buyer is, then find measures that will help you determine how many buyers are in each country market.  For example, you might use something like the number of passenger car registrations to size the automobile market if your client is an auto maker.

  •   Opportunity Support factors for your product/service. (PESTEL)

  •   Opportunity (capability) to support the operational needs of your product/service (needs you identified in your company profile; e.g., suppliers for your company product/service; or supporting transportation infrastructure for distributing your product; or appropriate workforce).


  • Threat factors and trends – Abram


  • The key industry factors and trends that will likely affect the general level of competition for this product/service  (Use Porter’s 5 +2 forces)

    • To Porter, competition or  “rivalry” in an industry can be fierce, moderate, or limited, depending on the strength of the other forces; e.g., fewer buyers increases the intensity of  competition among industry firms, as does the threat of new entrants or the cost for a company to  exit a market.   What is your assessment of the general level of competition in these two countries, given how these industry factors operate in each country?

  • The specific key competitors (both multinational and local) for your company’s product/service

  • Threats to client's operational needs (e.g., lack of needed supplies, infrastructure, workforce)

  • Other Threat factors for your product/service (PESTEL) (e.g., political regulations, cultural animosity toward western brands or toward your client's type of product/service)


3.  Recommend one country for entry, based upon your analyses, and supported by appropriate data from your research.

  • For your recommended country, specifically acknowledge the country level Threats that will require  risk mitigation strategies.

  • Recommend potential mitigation strategies for these  threats

4. Conclude with a succinct summary for why you have recommended the one country for your client's new market  entry, starting (always) with the quantified opportunity (in dollars or buyers), listing the threats and the mitigation strategies that will be needed to create market success.

5. Write an Executive Summary of approximately 2 pages (summarizing the entire paper, including company and industry descriptions).

6.  Include a Title Page, with names of all contributing members, and a Table of Contents that should be placed after the Executive Summary. After the Executive Summary and Table of Contents,, number all pages of the body of the paper, starting with page one.

7.  Include Reference list, using proper APA format for all references and in-text citations.

One member is to post the group's Assignment   in your Group Assignment folder by the end of the week, titled “Country Entry Recommendation for [name of your client company]”.  

 UPDATE DRAFT BUSINESS PLAN IN YOUR LOCKER: With the completion of this assignment, you have have the data to complete Sections 6,7, and 8,  of your developing Business Plan. Please update these sections in your draft, which will be submitted as an assignment in week 6, after completing your competitor analysis. 

UPDATE SWOT MATRIX IN YOUR LOCKER. Now that you have completed your country analysis, update the draft SWOT matrix in your group locker to include country level Opportunities and Threats.The final SWOT will be submitted as an assignment in week 6, after completing your competitor analysis (client Strengths and Weaknesses).  

 Looking ahead:  This week you determined a general level of competition in your recommended country, and you identified specific competitors.. Next week you will evaluate the threat from these specific competitors and develop a general strategic approach that will best enable your client to compete against those companies.

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Executive Summary

Tesla currently as a brand name is known for building all electrical personal vehicles. Vehicles that do not rely on fossil fuels to allow the vehicle to function and move around. These vehicles are considered more of a luxury option as the price point is much higher than middle income American can afford. This is about to change as new models are about to appear on the market and have a lower price point. Allowing for Tesla to expand not only in North America but into other countries.
Brazil and the Philippines at a high-level are reviewed in this paper. Both countries have some similar development and societal issues. Both also have different opportunities that offset negativities of their threats. Overall Brazil has a more favorable environment that would allow for Tesla to grow in. As Brazil boasts the largest rain forests; there is a worldview of the forests disappearing and global warming increasing. Tesla being in Brazil will show that Brazil is vested in being environmentally friendly with motor vehicle options and reducing the carbon footprint.


The purpose of this paper is to give a high-level overview of Brazil and the Philippines to help decide which of the two are a better fit for Tesla to invest into. Both countries have threats and opportunities that need to be assessed and rated for a company to decide which is a better option. The review that was conduct did determine a country that would be at a high-level a suitable country to invest in and grow as a company. Growth not only would help the company but employment would help develop a nation.
Tesla is a

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