[solved] The three steps of SWOT analysis are

determining whether the company has more internal strengths than internal weaknesses, determining whether the company has good market opportunities, and evaluating the seriousness of the threats to the company's future well-being.

identifying the company's competitive assets, determining whether it enjoys a competitive advantage, and deciding how best to correct the company's competitive deficiencies.

identifying the company's competitively important strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats, drawing conclusions about the company's overall business situation, and translating the conclusions into strategic actions and an overall strategy that is well-matched to the company's overall situation.

determining if the company has more resource strengths than close rivals, identifying the company's market opportunities and the external threats it faces, and determining the company's potential for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

matching the company's strategy to its competitive strengths, correcting the company's two to three biggest competitive weaknesses, and identifying the company's best market opportunities.

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23-09-22 | 17:15:17

The three steps of SWOT analysis are identifying the

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