[solved] The key success factors in an industry

concern those industry-related factors that play a major role in whether a company is able to gain a sustainable competitive advantage and/or will make it easier to overcome competitive pressures and industry driving forces.

are those competitive factors that most affect industry members' abilities to prosper in the marketplace--the particular strategy elements, product attributes, resource strengths, competitive capabilities, and market achievements that spell the difference between being a strong competitor and a weak competitor (and sometimes the difference between profit and loss).

relate to the kinds of business models and strategies that a company must employ in order to be profitable, win a competitive edge, and give the company a chance at being the global market leader.

concern the specific resource strengths and competitive capabilities that a company must always incorporate in its strategy in order to be profitable.

are determined by the industry's driving forces, by the number of different strategic groups in the industry, and by the number of different competitive strategies that industry members are employing.

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11-09-22 | 15:44:34

The key success factors in an industry are those competitive factors

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