[solved] According to the school of ethical relativism,

it is generally best to avoid use of a "one-size-fits-all" template for judging the ethical appropriateness of business actions and the behaviors of company personnel because any standard of ethically right and wrong behavior is subject to varying interpretation.

what constitutes ethical or unethical conduct varies according to the religious convictions of each society or each culture within a country.

differing religious beliefs, historic traditions and customs, core values and beliefs, and behavioral norms across countries and cultures give rise to multiple sets of standards concerning what is ethically right or wrong; these different standards translate into differences about what is considered ethical or unethical in the conduct of business activities,

there can be no single standard for judging ethically right and wrong behavior because each culture and each country should always have complete freedom to determine its own standards of what is and is not ethically permissible.

it is appropriate for ethical standards as they apply to business behavior to vary from business situation to business situation because of the varying circumstances that accompany different business situations.



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According to the school of ethical relativism, differing religious beliefs, historic traditions

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