You are a consultant on a project

You are a consultant on a project team that has been hired by the Andrews Company to design and administer an employee survey. The survey contains information about employee job satisfaction, engagement, and issues concerning pay and promotion fairness perceptions. The project is generating over $450,000 in consulting fees. The night before your presentation to the client, a Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Andrews calls you and asks you to send her the survey data for the Marketing department so she isn’t "surprised by any of the report’s findings." You respond by saying that "the information is confidential" to which she says, "Of course! I’m not going to share it with anyone else." Which of the following issues should most concern you in considering a response?

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  •  Providing high quality service to the client.

  •  Giving the client feedback about her aggressive behavior.

  •  Protecting the identity of individual survey respondents.

  •  Ensuring accurate data analysis.

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