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Week 7 Discussion Assignment
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Assignment: Discussion Activity (8%)
The section is to collectively decide the criteria that, taken as a whole at week end, define a "project."
The section will discuss sound project and portfolio selection criteria.
Each student will also succinctly describe an example of a project in which he or she has participated and
indicate how this project exhibits his or her criteria for a project.You may find that the examples in Schwalbe
(2015) serve to recall projects to you.
Next, you should address whether DMBA 620 is a project for you.
FYI: Here is the definition of a project taken from the Project Management Institute's1 Guide to the Project
Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) (5th Edition, 2013) PMBOK is posted as an eReserve:
"A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result."
So, by this definition, is your DMBA 620 an example of a project?
What opportunity costs must be considered in project selection?
What other criteria would be important in project selection?
The seminar certainly is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end. But is it creating something
unique? You might answer these questions as you define what a project means to you -- and thereafter comment
constructively on others' definitions/project criteria.
You might also think about, and discuss, why it matters whether something is a project, or not.
Please provide at least one example of a project from your own work or other life experience.
You should also discuss project and portfolio selection criteria.

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14-06-22 | 23:49:55

DMBA 620 is a temporary activity that will last only for a semester. The course is also expected
to equip the student with vast knowledge that can be considered common among all the students
in this class. The knowledge contained in this course was once a project since it involved
research and resources allocation and was undertaken within a specified period of time. In this
course, the concepts and expected answers are already known by the educators hence they rely
on the information whose course and effect are already known. For example,

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