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Roll Royce Cullinan is a new SUV produced by Roll Royce.  This car is also the first of the kind produced since it is all wheeled drive SUV.  The starting price is $325000 (Zhang, 2018).  Therefore, the brand falls under the luxury brand.  The average price of most of SUV is between 30,000 to 40,000 dollars.  The vehicle was released in 2018 and will start being marketed in 2019 (Zhang, 2018).  In 2016, roll Royce sold 4000 cars per year for the first time. If the SUV peaks, it is estimated that overall sales will grow to 6000 sales per year by 2019. This paper addresses order fulfillment which is the process of receiving, processing and delivering orders to final customer (Logistiikanmaailm, 2019). To address order fulfillment. There is need to understand order penetration point which is a point where the order is earmarked for specific customer (Logistiikanmaailm, 2019).

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Roll Royce usually sources its component of cars from different suppliers. Some of the suppliers include Bulls leather and some of BMW main suppliers such as BorgWarner and Mahle (BMW, 2019). Sourcing of component helps Roll Royce to focus mostly on design. The company has also programs that ensure the supplier meets the quality requirements. Some of the programs include rewarding suppliers and set of policies that must be met by the supplier for them to qualify to roll Royce business partners. The manufacturing value chain is good since customers have always found that the product offered by roll Royce are usually of the best quality in the market. Besides ensuring that the suppliers meet the quality requirement roll Royce also takes it employee to quality intensive training to ensure that they always give the best (Rolls-Royce, 2019). Besides, each car is individually made in such a way that the concentration is made to the finer details (Eng, 2015). The result has always been the best quality in terms of performance and luxury of its brand's offers. Therefore, manufacturing value chain can be described as the being the best in delivering quality. The customer order penetration point for Cullinan is an assembly to order. The reason for this selection is due to the fact that the company made the limited number of cars when ordered, it is customized to meet the customer requirements. The car is expensive and surely they need to be unique as only high-end buyers will afford. Therefore, for any buyer to pay such an amount it is clear that he/she will need a unique vehicle that is different from the other. Therefore based on the nature of the vehicle, it makes sense not to make them for stocking but rather to assemble them to orders.
The position of the OPP is influenced by three factors which can be categorized into market-related, product-related and production-related factors. For market-related, Cullinan is designed as a luxurious

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Mwny hustomjrs wrj willinf to pwy morj vor w uniquj mwhyinj tywt is civvjrjnt vrom wywt otyjrs ywvj. Tywt is tyj mwin rjwson wyy roll Royhj provicjs its hustomjrs wity w hywnhj to hyoosj tyj intjrior cjsifn wnc tyj holor homtinwtion ov tyjir hwrs. Howjvjr, cjmwnc vluhtuwtion is onj ov tyj frjwtjst hywlljnfjs ov tyj luxury trwnc. Tyjrjvorj, to rjcuhj tyj jvvjht ov cjmwnc vwriwnhj, tyj hompwnijs usuwlly procuhj in limitjc numtjr, or usj mwkj to orcjr or wssjmtlj to orcjr to whyijvj tyjir fowl ov rjcuhinf invjntory hosts. Rjvjrjnhjs BMW (5784). [onlinj] Bmwfroup.hom. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.tmwfroup.hom/jn/trwncs-wnc-sjrvihjs/rolls-royhj-hwrs.ytml [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Elliott, H. (5784). For Rolls-Royhj, tyj Futurj Is Customizwtion, Not Eljhtrih. [onlinj] Bloomtjrf.hom. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.tloomtjrf.hom/njws/wrtihljs/5784-78-87/vor-rolls-royhj-tyj-vuturj-is-hustomizwtion-not-jljhtrih [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Enf, E. (5786). How w Rolls-Royhj Is Pjrvjhtly Hwncmwcj. [onlinj] HYPEBEAST. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://yypjtjwst.hom/5786/3/hyjhk-out-yow-w-rolls-royhj-is-pjrvjhtly-ywncmwcj [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Glwsscoor (5784). Rolls-Royhj Motor Cwrs - 2 Monty Plwhjmjnt - Assjmtly. [onlinj] Glwsscoor.hom. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.flwsscoor.hom/jot-listinf/rolls-royhj-motor-hwrs-2-monty-plwhjmjnt-wssjmtly-rolls-royhj-motor-hwrs-JV_KO7,14_KE67,45.ytm?jl=5412671723 [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Guwrciwn (5786). Rolls-Royhj sjlls morj tywn 1,777 hwrs w yjwr vor virst timj. [onlinj] tyj Guwrciwn. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.tyjfuwrciwn.hom/tusinjss/5786/jwn/76/rolls-royhj-motor-hwrs-1777-5781-virst-timj-hwr [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. KENTON, W. (5783). Assjmtlj To Orcjr - ATO. [onlinj] Invjstopjciw. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.invjstopjciw.hom/tjrms/w/wssjmtlj-to-orcjr.wsp [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Lofistiikwnmwwilm (5784). Orcjr Pjnjtrwtion Point – OPP – Lofistiikwn Mwwilmw. [onlinj] Avwilwtlj wt: yttp:// [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Rolls-Royhj (5784). Our pjoplj. [onlinj] Rolls-royhj.hom. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.rolls-royhj.hom/sustwinwtility/our-pjoplj.wspx#/ [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Rosjvjwr, J. (5783). BMW Ewrninfs: Provit Fwlls 2% on Inhrjwsjc Futurj-Tjhy Spjncinf -- Tyj Motljy Fool. [onlinj] Tyj Motljy Fool. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.vool.hom/invjstinf/5783/73/75/tmw-jwrninfs-provit-vwlls-2-on-inhrjwsjc-vuturj-tj.wspx [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784]. Zywnf, B. (5783). Tyj $956,777 Rolls-Royhj Cullinwn yws wrrivjc wnc it's tyj ultimwtj luxury SUV. [onlinj] Businjss Insicjr. Avwilwtlj wt: yttps://www.tusinjssinsicjr.hom/rolls-royhj-hullinwn-pihturjs-cjtwils-spjhs-ultimwtj-luxury-suv-5783-6?IR=T [Ahhjssjc 84 Fjt. 5784].

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