[solved] W6 Group Competitive Strategy and Market Sizing Assignment - Submit Files

W6 Group Competitive Strategy and Market Sizing Assignment
Group Category
Semester long teams
Group Name
Group 3
W6 Group Competitive Strategy and Market Sizing Assignment (6% of course grade):
Resources (from week 5 assignments):
Executive Summary
Porter's Generic Strategies (from week 5)
Sources of Competitive advantage (from week 5)
Market Segmentation
Market sizing

Assignment Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to identify your client's competitive position in the entry country;
create a competitive strategy that includes a description of the target Buyer; develop a positioning message for that Buyer
segment; size the target market in quantifiable units (dollars and/or number of buyers) and forecast the target market
growth over the next 3 - 5 years.
Assignment Objectives:
1. The team will consolidate individual members’ competitor analyses from week 5 into one summary table of
competitors, their competitive advantage and your client’s competitive advantages. This summary table will be in the
appendix of your paper, but described in text.
2. The team will recommend, and explain a competitive strategy (e.g., specify source of cost advantage for price
competition; rationale for market focus/selection; basis for unique product/service differentiation).
3. The team will identify your client's target market and size it in quantifiable Units (Buyers and/or Dollars) and
estimate the expected growth rate for this target segment.
Note that market sizing is as much an art as a science. The assigned readings will guide your thinking, but
your specific market sizing estimates will depend upon how effectively you use available data. You will have
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10/16/2017 W6 Group Competitive Strategy and Market Sizing Assignment - Submit Files - DMBA 630 9047 Marketing and Strategy Management in the G... 2/3
to make assumptions to move from available data to the kind of market size data you need. The assumptions
you make and the logic you use will determine the validity of your market size and growth estimations.
For example, if you selected this country because of large number of passenger car sales and growth
projections (good total market for your auto maker client), but your client sells compact cars (or electric cars,
or some other specific type), then you need to estimate how much of that total car market is your target
market (buyers of compact cars). If you have data that compact car buyers are primarily singles and small
families (and/or that your client wants to target those buyers) and you have data from our country that
singles/small families represent 25% of the country population, then you might ASSUME that 25% of the new
car buyers will be singles/small families (assuming same representation among car buyers as among the
general population).
4. Update your Draft Business Plan to include Section 9 of the Business Plan Template, reflecting this target market
estimate. Note: this is the size of your target market, not your share of that market, since there are also competitors
targeting that same segment and potential substitute products/services.
5. Include a positioning focus (the message that will appeal to your client’s targeted buyers), which will become a part
of your Marketing Plan in Week 9.
6. Update your SWOT with competitive strengths and weaknesses.,
Assignment Requirements/format:
Step one: The Introduction to this paper should consist of (a) statement of purpose (b) description of the company and its
industry, (c) the product/service that will be entered in the new country; (d) description of the target country and why it was
recommended as better opportunity than the other country (use the summary information from your week 4 country
selection paper).
Step two: The body of the analysis should be about 10-15 pages, double spaced, to cover::
Competitive risk assessment for all competitors in this market;
Recommended competitive strategy with supporting rationale;
Market segmentation, recommended target buyer and rationale for targeting this segment;
Estimated target market size/growth (in Buyer and/or dollar units), with:
clear statement of starting data and its relevance to your market;
detailed explanation of the estimating process for your target market segment (showing all calculations
statement of all assumptions made in the estimating process;
rationale for all assumptions made (why they are reasonable assumptions to make)
Positioning message and how it relates to your client’s competitive advantages and to your buyer segment;
Summary of conclusions/recommendations
Include :
Title page with names of contributing members;
Approximately a 2 page Executive Summary that summarizes the entire paper (including the introduction materials)
Table of contents
*The body of the paper should have page numbers, starting with page one.
Reference list, including proper APA format for all in-text citations.
Appendix with the team's summary table of competitors, competitor advantages and client competitive advantages
One member should post the assignment in the group assignment folder by the end of the week, titled “Competitor Strategy
and Market Size for [name of your client company].
Where you are. You have now identified an overall business strategy for how to compete in country, and you have identified
and sized a specific target market and its potential growth, which constitute sections 9, 10 and the first bullet of section 11
of the Business Plan Template. You will update those sections in your draft Business Plan by the end of this week and post
the draft per the separate assignment requirements for this week.
Next week, using the final SWOT matrix completed in this week's assignment, individual members will develop a set of
business/operational strategies to mitigate industry and country level risks and take advantage of opportunity support

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Executive Summary
Tesla Motors designs, develops, manufactures, and sells high performance fully electric vehicles and energy storage products. It has established its own network of vehicle sales and service centers, as well as supercharger stations around the world to accelerate the widespread implementation of electric vehicles. Academic research shows that as of December 31, 2015, it operated 208 locations, along with 585 supercharger stations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company currently produces and sells to fully electric vehicles, the model S sedan in the model X sport utility vehicle.
The purpose of the competitor analysis and strategy is to implement a strategy for Tesla Motors as it seeks to enter the market of South Korea while at the same time maximizing its competitive strengths and mitigating its competitive weaknesses locally with competitors and globally. The competitive advantage is viewed as any activity that create superior value above its rivals. This is also known as differentiation strategy. This type of strategy is described as a company differentiating a product or service that is created or perceived to be unique throughout the industry. It was noted in research the differentiation does not allow a firm to ignore costs; it makes a firm’s products less susceptible to cost pressures from competitors because customers see the product as unique and are willing to pay extra to have the product with the less desirable features. In regards to market opportunity, the research shows that South Korea has a good market opportunity and therefore would be fortunate to set the business within that country. Finally, although there are many opportunities in South Korea, Tesla will need to alleviate most of their risk by scaling their business to manufacture and deliver automobiles more quickly to their customers. Research also shares that they need to implement a regional market plan or campaign that will educate their South Korean consumer on why the Tesla’s electric cars are better value than the traditional fossil fuel burning vehicle. But most importantly, the government should be involved and provide incentives which in turn will create an environment friendly vehicle.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Introduction 5
Company Overview 5
Comparing Strengths 7
Comparing Weaknesses

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Tyj wutyor jmpywsizjs tywt tyj stronfjst hompjtitivj wcvwntwfj is w strwtjfy tywt hwnnot tj imitwtjc ty otyjr hompwnijs. Listjc tjlow wrj tyj hompjtitivj wcvwntwfjs ty Tjslw tywt ywvj provjn to tj notjwortyy in tyjir strwtjfy to provicj tyj sjrvihjs wnc vinwnhiwl stwtility tywt woulc wllow tyjm to cominwtj tyj vuturj ov wutomotiljs. Tyosj hompjtitivj wcvwntwfjs inhlucj (Sywywn, 5786): Tyj twttjry supply hywin is tuilcinf vor itsjlv (wnc mwytj somj vrijncs) Its woncjrvul supjrhywrfjr njtwork Sovtwwrj tywt is sjvjrwl ljwfujs wtovj tyj hompjtition A rjputwtion vor tuilcinf supjrt procuhts tywt “wow” pjoplj A rjputwtion vor wwntinf to sjrvj hustomjrs in w cirjht, yonjst wwy-not just twkj tyjir monjy wnc ywvj. Rjhommjncjc Compjtitivj Strwtjfy vor Tjslw My rjhommjncwtion vor tyj typj ov hompjtitivj strwtjfy tywt Tjslw syoulc hontinuj to jmploy woulc tj tywt ov Divvjrjntiwtion Strwtjfy. Divvjrjntiwtion strwtjfy is cjshritjc ws w hompwny civvjrjntiwtinf w procuht or sjrvihj tywt is hrjwtjc or pjrhjivjc to tj uniquj tyroufyout tyj incustry. Ahhorcinf to whwcjmih litjrwturj, civvjrjntiwtion cojs not wllow w virm to ifnorj hosts; it mwkjs w virm’s procuhts ljss sushjptitlj to host prjssurjs vrom hompjtitors tjhwusj hustomjrs sjj tyj procuht is uniquj in wrj willinf to pwy jxtrw to ywvj tyj procuht wity tyj cjsirwtlj vjwturjs (Compjtitivj Acvwntwfj, 5774). It wws pointjc out tywt hustomjrs sjj tyj procuht is civvjrjnt vrom tyj hompjtinf procuhts wnc tyjy likj tyj procuht vjwturjs, hustomjrs wrj willinf to pwy w prjmium vor tyjsj vjwturjs. Tyj Tjslw motor Corporwtion is honvicjnt utilizinf tyj strwtjfy tywt hwn frow in w flotwl wutomotivj mwrkjt cjspitj wffrjssivj hompjtition. Rjvjrjnhjs Anwlysis, H. M. (5784). Hyuncwi Motor Compwny SWOT Anwlysis. Mwrkjt Linj, 8-4. Rjtrijvjc vrom Hyuncwi Motor Compwny SWOT Anwlysis. Bittjisi, K. (5784, Ohtotjr 88). Qujst. Rjtrijvjc vrom Tjslw. Compjtitivj Acvwntwfj. (5774). In Enhyhlopjciw ov Mwnwfjmjnt 2ty jcition (pp. 47-41). Djtroit: Cjnfwfj Ljwrninf. Jurjvihius. (5782, Djhjmtjr 87). SWOT Anwlysis ov Volkswwfjn. Rjtrijvjc vrom Strwtjfih Mwnwfjmjnt Insifyt: yttp://strwtjfih mwnwfjmjnt insifyt.hom/swot-wnwlysis/Volkswwfjn-swot wnwlysis.HTML Kissinfjr, D. (5784, Fjtruwry 58). Tjslw Motors Inhorporwtjc SWOT Anwlysis wnc Rjhommjncwtions. Rjtrijvjc vrom Pwnmorj Institutj: yttp://pwnmorj.hom/Tjslw-motors-Inh.-swot-wnwlysis-rjhommjncwtions Sywywn, Z. (5786, Ohtotjr 87). Tjslw's Compjtitivj Acvwntwfjs. Rjtrijvjc vrom EV Otsjssion: yttp://EV Otsjssion.hom/Tjslw-hompjtitivj wcvwntwfj-vivj-tif-onjs/ Tjslw's Motors. (5784, Ohtotjr 88). Rjtrijvjc vrom Tjslw: yttp://www.Tjslw.hom 8. yttp://sk.swfjput.hom.jzproxy.umuh.jcu/rjvjrjnhj/tusinjsstocwy/n571.xml 5. yttps://www.touncljss.hom/mwrkjtinf/tjxttooks/touncljss-mwrkjtinf-tjxttook/tyj-mwrkjtinf-jnvironmjnt-9/intjrnwl-vwhtors-97/hompjtition-827-4554/ Businjss ljvjl strwtjfy wnc Portjr's Gjnjrih strwtjfijs: yttps:// Portjr’s Gjnjrih hompjtitivj strwtjfijs: yttp://jzproxy.umuh.jcu/lofin?url=yttp://fo.fwljfroup.hom.jzproxy.umuh.jcu/ps/|CX9549877883&v=5.8&u=umc_umuh&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&wsic=2121tv3j5t9862432739h6j4t4c79cvc Sourhjs ov Compjtitivj wcvwntwfj 8. Compjtitivj wcvwntwfj: yttp://jzproxy.umuh.jcu/lofin?url=yttp://fo.fwljfroup.hom.jzproxy.umuh.jcu/ps/|CX9549877719&v=5.8&u=umc_umuh&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&wsic=5338ch53j4wv315t97t3v84462w84cw5 5. civvjrjntiwtion: yttp://sk.swfjput.hom.jzproxy.umuh.jcu/rjvjrjnhj/putlihrjlwtions/n884.xml

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