Instructions:Put your SQL in the "Problem 2"


Put your SQL in the "Problem 2" location in the SQL template.

Put your row count in the green box in cell D5.

Write SQL which will give us the course id number (idCourse field), course description, the number of units, the offering term, whether it’s online or in person, and the capacity.  Include only those courses which are more than 3 units and have a capacity of less than 40 students.  We only want to list courses which have actually been offered at least once.  Sort it ascending by idCourse.

Paste a screen shot of successful execution below.  Be sure your screenshots show all the SQL you use; you are welcome to include several screen shots if necessary.

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12-09-20 | 11:04:14

use university;
select idcourse,coursedesc, courseunits,offterm,format, capacity
from course c,offering o,
where c.idcourse=o.Course_idCourse and
courseunit>'3' and capacity <'40'
order by idcourse asc;

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