Book Report Assignment This assignment requires that students

Book Report Assignment


This assignment requires that students read the assigned book – The Critical Chain – and submit a 5-page book report online on Canvas as a MS Word document after reading and understanding the above text.  The guidelines on how to write the book report are provided below:

1. For this class, the book report must be organized around 3 major elements: Discussion, Application, and Evaluation (DAE approach). 


2. Write 1-1½ pages discussing the book.  Do not write a summary chapter by chapter or make lists.  Write in narrative form.  Make sure that your write up includes answers to these questions: 


·       What is the book about (briefly about 1 paragraph)? 

·       Describe the major themes (a couple of central ideas or gems) in the book from your perspective.  Key word here is “major” themes, not just peripheral ideas such as role of communication or importance of team work etc.  Remember this is operations management (OM) class and your gems should revolve around concepts related to OM.

·       Give rationale why you think the above identified gems/themes are important from your perspective.  (use critical thinking to add some rigor to your rationale)


3. Write 2-2½ pages on the application of the major ideas/themes/gems as identified in the discussion section above to your work place (any work place – past or present?  In your own words, what is the meaning or significance of these ideas as they apply to your current or any work-setting?   How does the author suggest that they be applied? 


4. Finally, evaluate the book (½ to 1 page) along the following lines:


·       How useful are the ideas?

·       How practical are the ideas? 

·       How well organized and written is the book? 

·       Would you recommend it?


The book report must be 5 full pages, double-spaced, number 12 font with no more than one inch margins.  Your write-up should make use of headings/sub-headings as needed.  Rubric for grading book report is given below:


Rubric for Grading Book Report




Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Basic Requirements

  1. Excellent writing style
  2. Exceptional insights, critical thinking into problems and solutions
  3. Demonstrates extensive research into topic
  4. Applies and integrates ideas from articles, books, or practitioner interviews
  5. Solves a real work problem or proposes a well founded solution


  1. Topic very relevant to current employer
  2. Logically organized
  3. Uses examples, facts or statistics to support statements
  4. Demonstrates a clear understanding of concepts
  5. Correctly applies concept to practice
  1. Selects an appropriate topic
  2. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation
  3. Required number of pages, cover
  4. Turned in on time
  5. Correct format – 12 pt. font, double-spaced, margins = 1”

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15-09-20 | 17:59:41

Major Themes in Critical Chain by Goldratt Eliyahu

a. Business Constraints
Organizations have to achieve many business activities within Constraints like limited finance and tight schedules. However for most ranking business managers, this is no problem. Goldratt is a smart business scholar and the inventor of the pioneer, of the theory of constraints. As presented in his generally perused novel The Goal, this hypothesis gives a convincing answer for companies fighting with creation deferrals and low incomes. In his third novel, Critical Chain, Goldratt applies the structure to dealing with the advancement of new items and different activities. Goldratt Eliyahu's book shows incredible yet Critical strategies to tackle business management\'s hardest issues, utilizing his Critical Chain Project the board idea. Composed as a novel, this book not just shows organizations and people to radically cut task improvement times bringing about early finish inside financial plan and without trading off quality or details, yet gives the structure to make a conclusive serious edge for associations.
b. Scheduling
This book is an anecdote about a teacher attempting to accomplish his position at a college's business college. The plot is utilized to keep up enthusiasm for the subject and give a genuine vibe to the book. It gives a lot of genuine models. The plot of the novel is fourfold: A teacher attempting to get tenured, A business college's battle to improve enlistment, Teaching Chain of thinking, Applying the Theory of Constraints to extend the board (Goldratt, 1997, pg 9-107). The objective of the book is the last point, however Goldratt clarifies that instructive frameworks must change to more readily oblige the rapidly changing universe of business. The book

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