[solved]Team Work Plan

II. Team Work Plan

 (The team projects in this seminar require you to work together throughout the semester. One  of the most significant factors in effective team performance is effective time management. Teams that have been most successful in the MBA program  have allocated time each week to work on their projects. They have completed drafts sufficiently in advance of the due dates to allow editing to produce a cohesive quality document written in a single voice.)

Team work plans help team members to more effectively plan their time and avoids unnecessary duplication of effort. In addition, if everyone knows what they have to do, what they can expect others to do, and when they must deliver their contribution or can expect to receive the contribution of another study group member, the possibility of a conflict over who should have done what and when can be minimized.

Work plans are to be posted in the study group's assignment and locker in the week preceding each team assignment.  Faculty expect each member to make a meaningful contribution to the weekly assignments and to follow the process outlined in the work plan. All of the contributions of each study group member to the assignments must be posted in the study group's locker. Usually all the team members receive the same grade for the team project, however, an individual’s grade may be reduced if the individual did not contribute in a meaningful way to the team assignment. This determination will be made by evaluating the member's individual contributions posted in the study group locker  and comparing them to the work plan.

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