[solved] Which of the following is not a frequently used and dependable strategic approach to setting a company apart from rivals, delivering superior value, achieving competitive advantage, and converting buyers into loyal customers? quizlet

Striving to be the industry's low-cost provider, thereby aiming for a cost-based competitive advantage over rivals that can become the basis for charging lower prices and/or earning higher profits

Focusing on a narrow market niche and winning a competitive edge by doing a better job than rivals of serving the special needs and tastes of buyers that compose the niche

Developing competitively valuable resources and capabilities that rivals can't easily imitate or trump with resources or capabilities of their own

Outcompeting rivals by having the most unique and economically-priced product offering of any firm in the industry

Competing successfully and profitably against rivals based on such differentiating features as higher quality, wider product selection, added performance, value-added services, more attractive styling, technological superiority, or some other attributes that set a company's product offering apart from those of rivals


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04-09-22 | 18:10:34

correct answer:
Outcompeting rivals

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