[solved] What makes the marketplace a competitive battlefield is

the ongoing jockeying and maneuvering among rivals to cut costs, charge the lowest price in the industry, steal customers away from rivals, and drive their weakest rivals out of business.

the constant jockeying of industry members to deploy whatever means in their business arsenals they believe will attract and retain buyers, enhance their competitive strength vis-a-vis rivals, and yield the best profitability.

the ongoing race among rival sellers to add new and improved product features so as to have the highest quality product in the industry.

the race among industry members to see who can employ the most powerful strategic offensive, take sales and market share away from rivals, and drive one or more rivals out of business.

the ongoing efforts of industry members to introduce innovative next-generation products/services at a faster rate than their rivals.

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11-09-22 | 17:37:27

the constant jockeying of industry members

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