[solved] The task of stitching together a strategy

entails addressing a series of hows: how to attract and please customers, how to compete against rivals, how to position the company in the marketplace vis-a-vis rivals, how best to pursue attractive opportunities to grow the business, how best to respond to changing economic and market conditions, how to manage each functional piece of the business, and how to achieve the company's strategic and financial objectives.

chiefly entails deciding which of several freshly-emerging market opportunities to pursue but can also include planned actions to capitalize on attractive growth opportunities in other businesses, internal actions aimed at achieving financial and strategic objectives more quickly than planned, and how to manage each functional piece of the business.

entails trying to copy the strategies of the most successful companies in the industry as closely as possible.

is mainly an exercise in piecing together and unifying several "dare-to-be different" ways to attract customers and build a high degree of customer loyalty.

is mainly an exercise in staying flexible, so as to enable quick response to changing market conditions and competitive circumstances, rapid pursuit of emerging growth opportunities, and early adoption of newly emerging technologies.

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07-09-22 | 16:14:48

correct answer:
entails addressing a series of hows: how to attract and please customers,

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