[solved] The task of effectively communicating the strategic vision to organization members is made easier by

holding meetings of all company personnel at least twice a year to explain the latest strategic vision and to allow lower-level managers and employees to ask questions about the company's long-term direction, strategic intent, and strategy.

stating the strategic vision in a single sentence.

capturing the essence of the vision in an easily remembered phrase or catchy slogan and then using the phrase/slogan repeatedly as a reminder of "where we are going and why."

combining the strategic vision and the mission statement into a single paragraph-long statement that describes where we are going, how we intend to get there, and when we expect to arrive.

combining the strategic vision and the company's values statement into a single document, posting the document on the company's website, and sending all company personnel monthly e-mails containing a link to the latest monthly update of the strategic vision.

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The task of effectively communicating the strategic vision to

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