[solved] Driving forces analysis entails

learning what the drivers of industry success are and which industry key success factor is the most important determinant of company profitability.

identifying what the driving forces are, assessing whether the drivers of change are, on the whole, acting to make the industry more or less attractive, and determining what strategy changes are needed to prepare for the impacts of the driving forces.

determining which of the five competitive forces is the biggest driver of industry change and deciding what changes a company needs to make to best protect itself from the adverse impacts of the very strong competitive force that is driving industry change.

identifying all of the potential causes of changing industry conditions.

predicting whether future market conditions are likely to be attractive or unattractive, predicting how the industry's driving forces will alter the factors for future competitive success, and then crafting a strategy that will shield the firm from as many of the different adverse driving forces as possible.

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11-09-22 | 16:45:32

Driving forces analysis entails identifying what the driving forces

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