[solved] According to Figure 4.5, a company that does a first-rate job of managing its value chain activities relative to competitors

is in excellent position to strongly differentiate its product offering from the offerings of rival firms and thus achieve a differentiation-based competitive advantage.

may be able to achieve competitive advantage either by performing its certain differentiation-enhancing value chain activities more proficiently than rivals (thus gaining a differentiation-based competitive advantage keyed to delivering what customers perceive as a superior product offering) or by performing certain value chain activities more cheaply than rivals (thus achieving a cost-based competitive advantage).

stands a good chance of being the industry leader in using best practices to perform its primary value chain activities and thereby gaining a competitive advantage based on dedicated use of best practices.

is likely to have more cost-saving distinctive competencies than rivals and thus possess good ability to gain a competitive advantage over rivals based on performing value chain activities very cost-efficiently.

is likely to have a greater number of competitively potent resources and capabilities than rivals and thus greater ability to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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According to Figure 4.5, a company that does a first-rate job of managing its value

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