You work on a multinational team and

You work on a multinational team and just finished leading a long virtual meeting with your colleagues in China. After the meeting, one of your local co-workers called you to ask, “why were you rushing through the meeting? I understand we had important agenda items to complete but you seemed really impatient with the team. I think our Chinese colleagues were clearly offended by your behavior.” Which of the following actions best describes how to improve your own cross-cultural communication with your colleagues in China?

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  •  Send the agenda in advance and be sure to describe the format, so you don’t feel bad moving the discussion along at the proper pace.
  •  Determine where your expectations for the virtual meeting and the rest of the team’s might differ.
  •  Ask one of your Chinese colleagues co-lead the next virtual meeting with you so there is more collaboration.
  •  Ask your co-worker if she would run the meeting next time so that you can observe her style and its effectiveness with your Chinese colleagues.

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