Week 7 - The Role of Project

Week 7 - The Role of Project Management

This week we start our study of effective operational decision making. Again the course diagram (under Syllabus and reproduced in this

module) shows you where we are in DMBA 620.

In the next five weeks, we will take up three important business functional management areas associated with operational decision
Project management
Operations management
Information systems management
Everyone holding an MBA degree should have knowledge n these areas.
There is one discussion assignment this week, to introduce the role of project management.
In the assigned discussion, you are to gain or sharpen your understanding of what is, and what is not, a project in a business context.
Not everything is a project -- but in today's fast-changing business world, projects are increasingly encountered.
The importance of being able to recognize a project lies in the consequent application of the specialized techniques of project
Your attention is particularly invited to the video introducing project management by Professor Versace. Professor

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