Week 4 Break Even Assignment - Submit

Week 4 Break Even Assignment - Submit Files
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Week 4 Break Even Assignment
Required Multimedia:
* Breakeven Analysis and Contribution:
Required Readings:
* Capital budgeting:
* Simon, Herman. Confessions of the Pricing Man, Springer International Publishing, 2015.
Chapter one. ISBN: 978­3­319­20399­7 (e­reserves)
Assignment (8%):
Answer the problems in the attached file: " Jewelry Case."
Refer to the powerpoint, "Jewelry Case Hints" for specific guidance through your analysis.

The report should be appropriate for your client, with all recommendations thoroughly
supported by data and logic.
All calculations should be shown,step by step, done by using Excel.
Submit a single Excel file in your assignment folder that contains your calculations, CVP graph,
and the report to your client. Be sure to proofread. Title your file, "Jewelry case week 4."

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