WK 4 – DATA 620 Discussion 4.1B

WK 4 – DATA 620 Discussion 4.1B - Data Quality and Governance   Do this as a GROUP ASSIGNMENT. (Once your group has submitted, you should have access to this thread.  If you don't, go ahead and submit a little something like 'Please disregard - Bobby from Group 9 posting so I can see responses.') This assignment covers data quality and data governance. Have your primary posting (the response to the boss) completed by Monday midnight, and have all your responses to classmates completed by Tuesday evening. Reading:  Data Quality  Inmon and Linstedt, Chapter 5.5 (Data Governance) Schwartzrock, Todd, "Chrysler's Data Quality Management Case Study," (10 minutes) Edureka, "Data Quality Concepts | Data Quality Tutorial | Data Warehousing Tutorial," (25 minutes) Accenture, "Data Quality Matters - Tech Vision 2018 Trend," (25 minutes) Data Governance and Stewardship (On this webpage, there is a button to download the pdf document) Watch the videos above and read Chapter 5.5 in Inmon and Linstedt.  Assume you work at XYZ Automotive, a competitor of Chrysler, and your boss has written you the following email: “Hi,  Everybody’s talking about data quality these days, but I’m not sure it’s actually worth the expense.  I’ve got three issues here and I want you to enlighten me.  First, I’m not really sure what data quality means – I know it means we spell the customer’s name right, but what else does it mean beyond writing down who bought what car when?  In other words, can you define data integrity for me?  Second, what exactly is data governance and how would it apply to our company?  And last, I need to make a business decision.  We’re considering having a consulting firm do an engagement which it says will radically improve the quality of our data.  What business advantages has Chrysler actually seen from its data quality initiative?  What advantages would you think we could get by doing our own?” Compose an email to answer your boss.  Please paste the text of the email within the discussion forum; do *not* put your email as an attachment.  Make it easy for us to respond!   Include in your submission your group name; for example, if my group is Group X, I might title mine, "Group X says we absolutely need better data governance." Choose two other submissions to respond to.  In your response, include three stars (three things they did well), plus one wish (constructive criticism.)  The responses to classmates may or may not come from the same person who did the initial posting.  Again, make sure it's easy to tell which group is responding; title it something like "Group X responds to Group Y." A successful submission will Contain approximately 300-500 words, plus a bibliography Be as formal (or informal) as you would take in a tone with an email to your boss – the only difference here would be that you do need APA citations and a bibliography. Pass a reference citation check for plagiarism – cite all your sources Define data quality and cite your sources.  You may use sources outside of the Chrysler and Global Data Store assigned sources, but you must convince me you have watched those two sources as well. Define data governance and cite your sources.  Again, you may use sources outside of Inmon and Linstedt, but you must convince me you have understood Chapter 5.5 in our textbook. Be as specific as you can about the business advantages for Chrysler from better data quality.  List (or estimate) dollars and any other performance metrics you can find.  (You are expected to be able to answer this using mostly just the Chrysler video; you are welcome do to brief Internet searches – and cite your sources - if you want to look up a fact or two, but this is *not* a research question.) Give good feedback to classmates on their postings.

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