UMUC Data 620 Assignment 4.1AThis assignment covers

UMUC Data 620 Assignment 4.1A

This assignment covers entity integrity and referential integrity.  This is a group assignment and only one person from your group needs to post your results.  It is wise for all members of the group to be familiar with the assignment.

Your group’s deliverable is participation in the Discussion Forum.  Review the material below, and post your group’s answers to the discussion forum.

Feel free to read and respond to other classmates’ postings.


·         Narasimhan, Girija, “Entity Integrity Constraints,”

o   Entity Integrity Constraints  (2 minutes)

·         Caleb the Video Maker 2, “MySQL Lecture Series,” specifically:

o   MySQL 11 - Entity Integrity

o   MySQL 12 - Referential Integrity

o   MySQL 13 - Domain Integrity

o   MySQL 14 - Primary Key (the video starts with some deer jumping in a yard, but don’t be fooled, Caleb is waiting for you):   Primary Key

o   (We skip his MySQL 15 - Auto Increment; you can certainly watch if you want to.)

o   MySQL 16 - Foreign Key:  Foreign Key




Part A:  Data Integrity

This week’s reading refers to entity and referential integrity within databases.  Without these items, your database would probably not work at all, and if you got it to work, it would break easily or give you crazy responses. 

Get the database into MySQL Workbench 

This is going to require a little bit of SQL from you. 

1.       Log into MySQL Workbench and create a new database.  Name it “my_university.”

waiting for experts to answer, check back soon.

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