There is no one more technically savvy

There is no one more technically savvy than James Westover. Indeed, he has built two amazing cloud-based applications and started his own application development company, all within two years of graduating from college. Because of his success, James caught the attention of Cheryl Stevens, a venture capitalist who funds technology start-ups. Cheryl asked James to send her his best idea for a new application remarking, “if it’s anything like your previous two, you can count me in.” James is worried about sending the idea without being able to clarify the very technical nature of his idea. Which of the following actions would you recommend James do at this stage in order to be most effective in communicating with Cheryl?

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  •  Send Cheryl a recorded video presentation with the information she requested and tell her you’d be happy to answer any follow-up questions.

  •  Provide Cheryl with a brief proposal describing the idea and ask for a follow-up meeting.

  •  Send a non-technical summary of the idea and ask Cheryl for a follow-up meeting.

  •  Ask Cheryl if she has a technical advisory team that you could send the information to because it’s highly technical in nature.

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