The most attractive way to reduce or eliminate the impact of paying tariffs on pairs imported to a company's distribution warehouse in Europe-Africa is to

 pursue a strategy of selling footwear to retailers in Europe-Africa at a wholesale price of $39 per pair or less--no import tariffs have to be paid on branded pairs shipped to footwear retailers in Europe-Africa when the wholesale price is below $40 per pair.pursue a strategy of selling fewer pairs in Europe-Africa than rival companies--this has the advantage of keeping the company's costs for import tariffs in Europe-Africa lower than those of a production facility in Europe-Africa and then expand it as may be needed so that the company has sufficient capacity to supply all (or at least most) of the branded and private-label pairs the company intends to try to sell in that geographic region.raise the company's selling price of footwear in Europe-Africa by the full amount of the tariff and pass all tariff costs along to the purchasers of the company's footwear--this strategy has the advantage of completely eliminating the company's exposure to import tariffs in Europe-Africa.stop selling footwear in Europe-Africa and close down all company operations in that region.

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build a production facility in Europe-Africa and then expand

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