[SOLVED]Tom works for a large payroll outsourcing firm.

Tom works for a large payroll outsourcing firm. One of his key customer’s contracts is set to expire in one month. Competition has heated up in this industry and Tom’s customer asked him to make a presentation to the top management team about his firm’s services. In his presentation, he thanked the customers for their loyalty, talked about industry trends, highlighted how his firm has been successfully serving firms for decades (unlike the new players in the market), and then asked them to renew their business again by showing them pricing options. Tom didn’t get the contract renewed and wonders if his presentation had anything to do with it. Which of the following actions should Tom do in order to IMPROVE his future presentations?

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  •  Spend more time thanking the customer for his/her loyalty.
  •  Spend more time asking about the customer’s specific needs.
  •  Spend more time giving examples of how his firm has helped the customer.
  •  Spend less time talking about the competition’s low-quality services.

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