[SOLVED]It’s been six months since you began your role as a regional sales manager.

It’s been six months since you began your role as a regional sales manager. Your territory includes the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, making it highly culturally diverse. You feel like you are doing fairly well, but still feel somewhat uncomfortable when coaching sales people from Mexico. In fact, a recent meeting with a Mexican sales rep did not go well. You tried to motivate him but he just became very defensive and you’re not sure if he reacted that way because of the negative performance feedback, because you violated some cultural norm, or potentially, both. You spoke with another manager in Mexico who assured you that you were culturally sensitive in your feedback delivery. Which of the following would be LEAST helpful in continuing to develop your cross-cultural skills in delivering performance feedback?

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  •  Deliver performance feedback to sales reps in a written format.
  •  Increase your confidence through practice by coaching Mexican sales reps and then by seeking feedback on your approach.
  •  Differentiate between what you say and how you say it.
  •  Gather feedback from other managers in Mexico about how you deliver performance feedback to sales reps.

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Increase your confidence

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