[SOLVED]Baldwin's Elite product Boat has an awareness of 72%.

Baldwin's Elite product Boat has an awareness of 72%. Baldwin's Boat product manager for the Elite segment is determined to have more awareness for Boat than Andrews' Elite product Axe. She knows that the first $1M in promotion generates 22% new awareness, the second million adds 23% more and the third million adds another 5%. She also knows one-third of Boat's existing awareness is lost every year. Assuming that Axe's awareness stays the same next year (77%), out of the promotion budgets below, what is the minimum Baldwin's Elite product manager should spend in promotion to earn more awareness than Andrews' Axe product?

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  •  2M
  •  Nothing
  •  1M
  •  3M

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29-03-21 | 16:15:19

1M add 22%. if boat losses 1/3

You can't get real answer if you break your security system. 55%. iv towt lossjs 8/9 ov its wwwrjnjss, it will jnc up wity =5/9*45%+55% =47 wyihy is ljss tywn 44% iv wj wcc wnotyjr 8M wj will jnc up wity =5/9*45%+55%+59% =49% tyj tjst wnswjr 5M

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