[SOLVED] Review the Inquirer to determine Chester’s current strategy

Review the Inquirer to determine Chester’s current strategy. Where will they seek a competitive advantage? From the following list, select the top five sources of competitive advantage that Chester would be most likely to pursue.

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  •  Seek high automation levels
  •  Reduce labor costs through training and recruitment
  •  Seek high plant utilization, even if it risks occasional small stockouts
  •  Seek the lowest price in their target market while maintaining a competitive contribution margin
  •  Reduce cost of goods through TQM initiatives
  •  Accept lower plant utilization and higher capacities to insure sufficient capacity is available to meet demand
  •  Increase demand through TQM initiatives
  •  Seek excellent product designs, high awareness, and high accessibility
  •  Offer attractive credit terms
  •  Add additional products

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20-04-21 | 17:22:35

• Seek high plant utilization, even if

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