[SOLVED] ASSIGNMENT: Industry Profile [5-7 pages] -

[SOLVED] ASSIGNMENT: Industry Profile [5-7 pages] - Company (TESLA) - DUE SUNDAY
Introduction (1/2 Page) 
Five Forces +2 
-New Entrants
-Technology Trends
-Government Influences [Combined 3 pages]
Economic Opportunity (1 Page) 
Threats (1 Page) 
Strategies to mitigate risks (1 page) 
Conclusion (1/2 Page) 
2. ASSIGNMENT: Group Profile of client company [10 pages] -DUE SUNDAY 9/24/17
Introduction [1/2 page] 
1. The Company [2 pages] 
2. The Buyer [2 pages] 
3. The Resources [2 pages] 
4. Competition [1 page] 
5. Strengths [1 page] (Tesla Motor)
6. Weaknesses [1 page] (Tesla Motor)
Conclusion [1/2 page] 

As you can see, fitting all the requirements in within the maximum allotted page count can be
This may not be perfect but gives us an idea of of the type of writing load we have.
Other key tasks:
Compiling teammate entries into single APA formatted paper in accordance with assignment
requirements (includes cover page, table of contents, references).
Allowing time for the systematic review by each team member prior to submission.
There is 5 of us total and approximately 15-17 pages worth of writing.
Editing will be a group project essentially after the fact.
The compiling and formatting is an intensive process. I did this for my last classes, but it still
took me a good 1-2 hours depending on the quality of product coming in; followed by another 1-
2 hours of intensive editing.
I would suggest that you take on little writing during the week because the big lift will be the
formatting and initial edit.
We should wait to write introductions and conclusions until we have a cohesive product. I find
writing these ahead of time prove fruitless. They are relatively quick kills, but ensuring you
allocate page space is critical to stay within the page count. It's okay to initially exceed the page
count, because I find it's easier to edit and cut back after.
For me personally, with a shortened week; I would like to see initial writing products turned in by
Friday Night, because of the time zones I could compile these papers and format them first thing
Saturday morning. Allowing two full days of editing and corrections over the weekend before
the submission. However, I understand if you all want to move that up. It'll be challenging for
me personally, but I'll make it happen.
Also, Toyota operates in many of these countries. Paula mentioned Thailand, but Toyota
already has operating plants in Thailand. Who specifically wrote about Toyota in last weeks
discussion posts? Brazil already has a number of Toyota plants. This is why I pointed out a
company like Tesla that is largely only operating out of the US with distribution into Europe. If
you see the paper content, very little covers the specific company itself. I think this class is
more about the processes rather than the specific company we choose.

Finally, everyone does need to review the flow of the class. Including looking forward to future
assignments. This class is one large project and everything flows in together. Understanding
the end state and milestones along the way will allow us to better execute the individual
assignments we have week to week.

waiting for experts to answer, check back soon.

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