Question 3 options:[SQL Week 2 Question 200-503]You

Question 3 options:

[SQL Week 2 Question 200-503]

You suspect certain employees are not servicing very many shipments, and some may not have any shipments at all.

Create SQL to run a report which will

List all your employees and the customers they serviced along with the number of shipment for each customer. Include all employees, including those who may not have serviced any customers.

Note you want the number of shipments, not the sum of shipment quantity. For example, if you have one shipment of 10 units, and another shipment of 20 units, our number of shipments here is 2.

Sort the list descending on number of shipments, and then on employee id. If an employee has not serviced any customers, display that employee at the top.

What is the first name of the very first employee you display?  (Just type the first name here.)


How many shipments did employee Sophia Moore have to Lake Erie Guitars? 

If she didn't have any (or her name is not shown in the results anywhere even when you scroll down),  enter the number 0.

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