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Week 4, Topic #1

Compton v. Merlotte's
When Bill Compton started working for Merlotte Enterprises, he received a copy of Merlotte's Employee Handbook.
As part of his acceptance of employment at Merlotte's, Bill signed a form stating that he received the handbook and
understood its terms and agreed to abide by the terms. During Bill's third year of employment, Merlotte revised the
handbook. One of the revisions was the addition of an arbitration clause that stated that all disputes arising out of
employment with Merlotte would be settled by binding arbitration. Merlotte advised its employees of the specific
changes to the handbook terms and required all employees to sign waivers stating that they read, understood, and
accepted the revised terms. Bill signed this form and continued working at Merlotte's until his employment was
terminated. Bill sued Merlotte alleging various claims of unfair dismissal.
Should the Court hear Bill's claim or is he bound by the arbitration agreement? Discuss the pros and cons and be
sure to refer to the law in your textbook to support your views.
NOTE: Everyone will post one substantive response and two participation postings to this topic. There are two
(2) required topics this week. Each one requires a response + 2 participation postings. Thus, by the end of the
week, there will be a total of six (6) postings (3 for Topic 1, 3 for Topic 2).
A) Please have the topic number in the subject section of all of your discussion conference postings. For
example, you are going to post your response to Topic #1. You click on that Discussion and then you click on
“Reply” (which is how you post your reply). A box pops up and you have a “Subject” section. Either leave the
existing “Topic 1” in that subject section (or add it if you change the text around). If you want to add a subtitle
to your posting you can (e.g., “Topic 1 – Why I love teams!”, etc.) that is great! The key is to always post the
Topic number. Do not submit a discussion conference posting without the topic number in the
subject. Otherwise, when I go to grade your discussion conferences for the week, it will be very difficult for me
to assign the correct grade (as the number of postings per topic matter and when I pull your portfolio, it is not
clear which topic you are posting to without the title clearly labeling your topic). You do not need to add your
name to the title (e.g., - “Topic 1 – Jane Smith”) but if you want do to so that is fine. I pull up each student
individually so your name is not necessary to add.
(B) Please do not include other posts in your reply (I need to see only your response and not the other
comments that you are addressing). Here is information regarding this issue:
– On your name in the upper right corner of the screen, use the drop down menu and click on “Account
Settings”, then on the Account Settings page click on the tab (right underneath the title) that states
“Discussions”, under Personal Settings scroll down the page to the very last item named “Reply Settings” and
uncheck the box (next to “Include original message text in reply”).
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