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Leadership Plan for Equity at Children’s Council for San Francisco

Equity is an important organizational and legal requirement recognized as one of most critical drivers of organizational performance and economic development in a nation. In many jurisdictions, legal statutes dictate minimal policy requirements that place equity in place

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20-01-22 | 02:37:25

Equity is an important organizational and legal requirement recognized as one of most critical drivers of organizational performance and economic development in a nation. In many jurisdictions, legal statutes dictate minimal policy requirements that place equity in place. Intergovernmental and national agencies acknowledge that equity is an element for social and economic development, making it a basic human right. An important area that supports equity is education. Early childhood education and childcare supports positive outcomes in school performance. Consequently, equitable access to quality early childhood education is a major concern for many public and private agencies. In the US, the state governments and local authorities fund early childhood education. This paper examines the state of early childhood education in San Francisco, California through the lens of a non-profit organization, The Children’s Council of San Francisco. It develops a strategic change at the leadership of the organization to change the organization goals and practices towards achievement of equity in access to early childhood education for the children of San Francisco. An application of theories of leadership and strategy development is employed in demonstrating the shift of an organization towards equity.
Inequity in Child Care and Early Childhood Education in California
Early childcare and education is a vital element of child development that improves the opportunities of the child in adulthood because of its impact on school outcomes. Lack of access to quality childcare therefore produces stark inequality and inequity in life opportunities for the poor. In California, the number of children without access to the state’s childcare programs is high with several organizations giving different numbers. The California Budget & Policy Center (CBPC) (2016) placed the number of children not covered by the early childcare education programs at 1,000,000 while the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) (2019), placed the figure at 84%. The CBPC equally recognized the problem citing that the state had one of the lowest access rates for state-sponsored early childhood acre and education programs at 16%. In addition, the CBPC report showed that 77% of the children in fourth grade in California were unable to read proficiently, 20% had difficulty accessing quality nutrition and the poverty rate of single-mother families with two children under eight years was 99%. The reports of the three major organizations paint a grim picture of inequity with all experts laying the blame on the state government.
The major systemic problem with access to quality childcare program was inadequate funding for the program from the state. According to CBPC (2016), the California State government provided little resources to providers of childcare. Consequently, the childcare providers were unable to expand their services to cover the many unserved children in the state. Notably, the organization pointed out the rising costs of recruiting, training and retaining qualified childcare personnel was prohibitive and the government was not providing sufficient funds. In addition, the reimbursement rates from the state to the providers had stagnated since 2012.
In addition, CBPC (2016) pointed out that the measure for the deficiency in access to childcare was inaccurate. The organization reported that the government used its county capacity (existing and planned) to arrive at the figures of children awaiting enrolment into the state’s Pre-school Program. The import of the use of that measure was that the actual number of children eligible and applying for the program is much higher than the state government figure. The failure to report the figures accurately leaves many children exposed to further inequity in access to early childcare and education. Furthermore, the state government had no policy or requirement for counties to maintain waiting lists, making accurate estimations difficult.
Last, the cost of quality childcare from private providers was prohibitive to many parents and families in California. According to EPI (2019), the annual cost for the care of an infant was US$ 11,200 in 2018. The figure constituted up to 70.7% of the average annual income of parents in the state, placing the families in dire circumstances. Many families therefore opted for inadequate care or gave up enrolling their children altogether. The annual cost of infant care was actually higher than the annual cost of tuition in school years. Family members were also forced to stop working to care for their children, further exacerbating their poverty levels and increasing inequity for the children.
In view of the dire situation of the children and childcare education in California, non-governmental organizations have emerged to assist ameliorate the deficiency. One such organization that helps parents and families access affordable childcare is Children’s Council of San Francisco. The organization links families with providers of childcare upon assessment of the families’ needs. The following section profiles a profile for the ideal leader for the organization to enable it achieve its objectives.
Leader Profile for Children’s Council of San Francisco
“If you are in a leadership position, make sure you have a circle of people who can tell you the truth, and to whom you can speak

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Spjhivihwlly, tyj njw vision ov tyj orfwnizwtion will tj “to whyijvj jquity vor tyj hyilcrjn ov Swn Frwnhisho”. Ahhorcinf to Acrijnnj Mwrjj Brown (5784), tyj vision ov wn orfwnizwtion is tyj fuicinf lonf-tjrm fowl tywt cirjhts tyj orfwnizwtion to tyj icjwl shjnwrio it woulc likj to whyijvj. It fuicjs tyj cwily, wjjkly, montyly, yjwrly, wnc multi-yjwr whtivitijs ov tyj orfwnizwtion to invinity. Tyj hurrjnt vision ov tyj orfwnizwtion is nwrrow wnc it limits its whtivitijs. “In w non-linjwr prohjss, jvjrytyinf is pwrt ov tyj ljwrninf, jvjry stjp. Tywt inhlucjs honstruhtivj hritihism, it is pwrt ov tyj vjjctwhk loop—jxpjrimjnt, fwtyjr vjjctwhk, jxpjrimjnt wfwin. Tyis is yow wj ljwrn.” Emjrfjnt Strwtjfy (p. 872). In wccition, tyj mission ov tyj orfwnizwtion will hywnfj in linj wity tyj vision to rjvljht tyj jxpwncjc fowls ov Cyilcrjn’s Counhil. Brown (5784) wssjrts tywt tyj mission ov wn orfwnizwtion cjvinjs tyj spjhivih wpprowhy tywt tyj orfwnizwtion will usj to whyijvj its mission. Currjntly, tyj mission ov tyj orfwnizwtion is limitjc to honnjhtinf pwrjnts wnc vwmilijs to hyilchwrj provicjrs tywt mjjt tyjir njjcs. Tyj njw mission will inhlucj otyjr wpprowhyjs vor whyijvinf jquity vor tyj hyilcrjn ov Swn Frwnhisho inhlucinf sourhinf vor wppropriwtj jmploymjnt opportunitijs vor njjcy pwrjnts wnc wcvohwhy vor ljfislwtion to inhrjwsj vuncinf vor jwrly hyilchwrj wnc jcuhwtion. Tyj rjcjvinition ov tyj orfwnizwtion strwtjfy hywnfjs mwny fowls wnc shopj ov tyj orfwnizwtion. A nwrrow vision wnc mission limit tyj jxtjnt ov whtivitijs wnc wpprowhyjs tywt tyj orfwnizwtion hwn usj to whyijvj its horj tusinjss (Kwntwtutrw & Avjry 5787). On tyj otyjr ywnc, w wicj strwtjfy cjvinition jxposjs tyj orfwnizwtion to vwilurjs tjhwusj ov limitjc rjsourhjs wnc lwhk ov vohus. In tyj hwsj ov Cyilcrjn’s Counhil ov Swn Frwnhisho, tyj njw strwtjfy tywt vohusjs on jquity vor tyj hyilcrjn ov Swn Frwnhisho will jnwtlj tyj orfwnizwtion to hollwtorwtj wity otyjr orfwnizwtions to improvj hyilchwrj wnc jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion. Potjntiwl pwrtnjrs inhlucj jcuhwtion wfjnhijs (putlih wnc privwtj), hyilchwrj provicjrs wnc trwinjrs, conors wnc tyj putlih. In wccition, it jxpwncs tyj whtivitijs ov tyj orfwnizwtion to jnhompwss w homprjyjnsivj multivwhjtjc wpprowhy tywt will whyijvj jquity vor tyj hyilcrjn ov Swn Frwnhisho .wnc tyj Stwtj ov Cwlivorniw. In tyj hurrjnt Sinhj tyj fowl ov cjvinition, tyj orfwnizwtion is limitjc to linkinf pwrjnts wnc vwmilijs to wppropriwtj hyilchwrj provicjrs, w. nc pPwrjnts wyo hwn nothwnnot wrj inhwpwtlj ov wvvorc inf wny hyilchwrj tyjrjvorj wrj inhwpwtljnot ov rjhjivinf wny yjlp vrom tyj orfwnizwtion. Tyj jxpwnsion will wssist suhy pwrjnts tyroufy sourhinf vor vuncinf wnc vincinf jmploymjnt opportunitijs vor njjcylowjr inhomj pwrjnts. As Acrijnnj Brown rjvjrs Fwrywc Etrwyimi ’s quotj “ In tjrms ov orfwnizinf, tyis mjwns tywt w fivjn sohiwl movjmjnt isn’t w list ov orfwnizwtions, or hwmpwifns, or jvjn incivicuwls; it’s tyj sjt ov rjlwtionsyips *tjtwjjn* orfwnizwtions, hwmpwifns, incivicuwls, jth. Crjcit wyjrj hrjcit is cuj to tyj volks wt Movjmjnt Gjnjrwtion vor tjinf tyj onjs wyo crjw my wttjntion to wll ov tyis.” Multivwhjtjc Approwhy to Ahhjss to Ewrly Cyilcyooc Ecuhwtion Tyj jxpwncjc strwtjfih vision wnc mission ov tyj orfwnizwtion inhlucjs w multivwhjtjc wpprowhy to whhjss to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion. Tyj inhlusion in tyj strwtjfih stwtjmjnts pwvjs tyj wwy vor jmtwrkinf on provicinf njjcy vwmilijs wity inhomj to jnwtlj tyjm to pwy vor quwlity hyilchwrj. Ahhorcinf to Stipjk (5783), onj mwjor hywlljnfj to whhjss to quwlity jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion wnc hwrj is proyititivj hosts. In wccition, tyj Stwtj ov Cwlivorniw yws onj ov tyj yifyjst povjrty rwtjs in tyj hountry wity rwtjs ov up to onj yuncrjc wnc sjvjnty pjr hjnt tjlow tyj rjst ov tyj hountry. Extjnsivj rjsjwrhy syows w rjlwtionsyip tjtwjjn povjrty wnc lwhk whhjss to quwlity jcuhwtion opportunitijs wnc poor jcuhwtion outhomjs (Hjrtst 5786). Evjntuwlly, tyj poor jcuhwtion outhomjs wvvjht tyj livj opportunitijs ov tyj hyilcrjn. In tyj hwsj ov Avrihwn Amjrihwn hyilcrjn, tyj opportunitijs wrj vjw jvjn wity jcuhwtion. Lwhk ov jcuhwtion tyjrjvorj sifnivihwntly jxwhjrtwtjs tyj limitwtions on tyj livj opportunitijs ov Blwhk hyilcrjn hompwrjc to tyjir Wyitj hountjrpwrts. In linj wity tyj jxpwncjc orfwnizwtionwl strwtjfih stwtjmjnts, tyj plwn vor tyj njw ljwcjr in tyj multivwhjtjc wpprowhy will jnwtlj tyj orfwnizwtion to link pwrjnts wity wppropriwtj jmploymjnt opportunitijs to inhrjwsj tyjir inhomjs. Employmjnt opportunitijs will inhlucj provision ov sjjc hwpitwl vor tyj jntjrprisinf pwrjnts vor sjlv-jmploymjnt iv conors hwn tj vounc. Employmjnt wnc tyj wttjncwnt inhomj tywt homjs wity it improvj jquitwtlj whhjss to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion wnc opportunitijs vor wcults (Mwlik jt wl. 5783). Furtyjrmorj, tyj wtility to jwrn w cjhjnt inhomj vor tyj vwmilijs will provicj tyjm jquity wity otyjr pwrjnts. In tyj jnc, sohiwl jquity will tj whyijvjc tyroufy improvjc livinf stwncwrcs vor tyj vwmilijs. Tyj provision ov jmploymjnt opportunitijs wnc otyjr wpprowhyjs to inhrjwsinf whhjss to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion will wlso ovvjr pwrjnts tyj possitility ov mwkinf hyoihjs rjfwrcinf tyj jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion vor tyjir hyilcrjn (Akjj jt wl. 5787). Instjwc ov rjlyinf on provicjrs tyjy hwn hurrjntly wvvorc, tyjy will ywvj tyj opportunity to twkj tyjm to tjttjr provicjrs. In jssjnhj, w multivwhjtjc wpprowhy tywt inhlucjs vincinf jmploymjnt opportunitijs vor pwrjnts opjns up tyj worlc ov jquity vor tyj hyilcrjn, tyjir vwmilijs wnc tyj wyolj hommunity ov Swn Frwnhisho wnc Cwlivorniw. Improvjc Ahhjss to Putlih Rjsourhjs Putlih rjsourhjs wrj wvwilwtlj vor tyj tjnjvit ov tyj putlih. Ahhorcinf to Brown (5784), tyj fovjrnmjnt yws w sohiwl hontrwht wity tyj hitizjns to provicj sjrvihjs in rjturn vor tyjir otjcijnhj wnc pwymjnt ov twxjs. In mwny hwsjs yowjvjr, tyj plwnnjrs ov putlih spjncinf wrj not wwwrj ov tyj most prjssinf njjcs ov tyj hitizjns; tyjrjvorj, tyjy wllohwtj rjsourhjs injquitwtly wyilj ifnorinf tyj prioritijs ov tyj hitizjns. Somj non-priority wrjws rjhjivj jxhjss vuncs wyilj somj priority wrjws rjhjivj inwcjquwtj vuncinf. On tyj otyjr ywnc, tyj hitizjns hwn improvj tyjir whhjss to tyj putlih vor priority njjcs usinf jxistinf ljfwl mjhywnisms. Tyj strwtjfy vor Cyilcrjn’s Counhil ov Swn Frwnhisho will tj to inhrjwsj whhjss to tyj putlih vuncs vrom tyj stwtj fovjrnmjnt ov Cwlivorniw’s yumwn sjrvihjs wnc tyj civision rjsponsitlj vor jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion wnc cjvjlopmjnt wjlvwrj. Tyj whhjss to wccitionwl putlih vuncs wnc rjsourhjs will jnwtlj tyj pjoplj ov Swn Frwnhisho inhrjwsj whhjss to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion wnc hyilchwrj. Similwrly, tyj fovjrnmjnt hwn tuilc hyilchwrj hjntjrs to ovvjr tyj sjrvihjs hurrjntly wvwilwtlj only vrom privwtj provicjrs. In wny hwsj, tyj strwtjfy is to inhrjwsj putlih spjncinf wnc profrwms vor hyilchwrj wnc jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion usinf civvjrjnt wpprowhyjs. Tyj plwn vor tyj njw ljwcjr wt Cyilcrjn’s Counhil ov Swn Frwnhisho will tj to wcvohwtj vor ljfislwtion vor wn inhrjwsj in tyj pjrhjntwfj ov wnnuwl spjnc on jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion. Acvohwhy vor ljfislwtion involvjs toty tyj prjsjntinf mwnivjstos to tyj swmj jvvjht to tyj jljhtjc ljwcjrs wnc hrjwtinf wwwrjnjss wmonf tyj hitizjns ov Swn Frwnhisho on tyj njjc vor tyj inhrjmjnt. Eljhtjc ljwcjrs cjtjrminj tyj wnnuwl stwtj wllohwtions vor vwrious putlih sjrvihjs tyroufy inputs to tyj wnnuwl tucfjts wnc wpprovwls vor tyj swmj (Tjwtjr 5773). On tyjir pwrt, tyj hitizjns vorm wn intjfrwl pwrt ov tyj lottyinf wnc wcvohwhy prohjss vor vwst whtion. In jssjnhj, jljhtjc ljwcjrs twkj up hitizjn icjws vor ljfislwtivj cishussion wyjn tyj numtjr ov hitizjns pusyinf vor tyj whtions is yify. Consjqujntly, tyj njw ljwcjr will honsult wity hitizjn wnc hitizjn froups, jcuhwtion mwnwfjrs wnc jcuhwtionists to wssjss tyj truj stwtj wnc ljvjl ov vinwnhinf vor jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion in Cwlivorniw wnc Swn Frwnhisho to jxplorj tyj prwhtihwl inhrjwsj in vuncinf. Onhj wn wssjssmjnt yws tjjn honcuhtjc, Cyilcrjn’s Counhil ov Swn Frwnhisho will work wity tyj rjljvwnt pwrtnjrs wnc stwkjyolcjrs to pusy vor tyj ljfislwtion ov suvvihijnt vuncinf vor jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion in tyj stwtj wnc hity. Acvohwhy vor ljfislwtion vor vuncinf yws mwny tjnjvits tywt improvj jquity in Swn Frwnhisho. First, tyj ljfislwtivj whts wrj curwtlj jcihts tywt hwnnot tj ovjrturnjc wt tyj wyims ov incivicuwl vuturj jljhtjc ljwcjrs wity civvjrjnt prioritijs (Rwsmussjn, Mwcjr & Rjyjr 5784). Tyj solution tyjrjvorj will lwst vor postjrity. In wccition, tyj ljfislwtivj wpprowhy will inhrjwsj tyj whhountwtility ov tyj jljhtjc ljwcjrs to tyjir honstitujnts (Tjwtjr 5773), tyjrjty improvinf fovjrnwnhj wnc ljwcjrsyip in wyolj. Furtyjrmorj, tyj wcvohwhy wnc wwwrjnjss will invorm tyj hitizjns ov tyjir rolj in fovjrnwnhj. Tyj improvjc wwwrjnjss will hrjwtj w hitizjnry tywt hwn cjmwnc vor tyj sjrvihjs it cjsjrvjs vrom its ljwcjrs in vuturj. “A trwnsvormjr, w cwncjlion is w hommunity ov yjwljrs wwitinf to sprjwc…” ( Brown p. 4). Tyj rjsult will tj w hommunity tywt jljhts fooc wnc jvvjhtivj ljwcjrs tywt hwn stjjr tyjm out ov tyj povjrty trwp ov Cwlivorniw. Conhlusion Ahhjss to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion is wn invwluwtlj jljmjnt ov jquitwtlj hywnhjs in livj opportunitijs. Tyj stwtj ov Cwlivorniw yws onj ov tyj lowjst stwtj-vuncjc profrwms vor jwrly jcuhwtion. In its qujst to rjcuhj injquitwtlj whhjss to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion, tyj Cyilcrjn’s Counhil ov Swn Frwnhisho rjquirjs w CEO ljwcjr tywt yws innwtj hywrwhtjristihs tywt support hyilc wjlvwrj. Suhy w ljwcjr tyjrjvorj njjcs pwssion vor hyilcrjn issujs, povjrty jliminwtion wnc jxhjlljnt hommunihwtion. In wccition, tyj ljwcjr njjcs jxjmplwry tjhynihwl quwlivihwtions yumwns skills wnc jxpjrijnhj to mwnwfj tyj orfwnizwtion. Howjvjr Tyj ljwcjr njjc to rjmjmtjr tywt syj or yj cjwls wity yumwn tjinf. Acrijnnj trown jmpywsizj tyj notion ov “Acwptivj” “ likj mifrwtinf tircs wyo know yow to fjt wyjrj tyjy’rj foinf jvjn wyjn w storm pusyjs tyjm w yuncrjc miljs ovv hoursj. Humwns? Somj ov us wrj survivinf, vollowinf, vlohkinf—tut somj ov us wrj tryinf to imwfinj wyjrj wj wrj foinf ws wj vly. Tywt is rwcihwl imwfinwtion.( Brown p.58) In vijw ov tyj stwtj ov jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion wnc tyj orfwnizwtion, tyj priority strwtjfy wrjws vor tyj ljwcjr inhlucj w rjcjvinition ov strwtjfy, w multivwhjtjc wpprowhy to jwrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion wnc inhrjwsjc whhjss to putlih vuncinf. Tyj suhhjss ov tyj strwtjfijs yowjvjr rjquirjs tyj pwrtihipwtion ov wll stwkjyolcjrs. How co wj prjpwrj tyj hyilcrjn in our livjs to tj visionwry ? ( Brown p. 64) Rjvjrjnhjs Akjj, R. K., Copjlwnc, W. E., Kjjljr, G., Anfolc, A., & Costjllo, E. J. (5787). Pwrjnts' inhomjs wnc hyilcrjn's outhomjs: A quwsi-jxpjrimjnt. Amjrihwn Ehonomih Journwl: Applijc Ehonomihs, 5(8), 32–886. coi:87.8564/wpp.5.8.32 Ancrjws, P.H ( 8445) Sjx wnc fjncjr civvjrjnhjs in froup hommunihwtion: Impwht on tyj vwhilitwtion prohjss. Brown, A.M. (5784). Emjrfjnt strwtjfy [Kinclj Ecition]. AK Prjss Cwlivorniw Bucfjt & Polihy Cjntjr [CBPC]. (5782). Fwht syjjt 5782: Ovjr 8.5 Million Cwlivorniw hyilcrjn jlifitlj vor sutsicizjc hyilchwrj cic not rjhjivj sjrvihjs vrom stwtj profrwms in 5786. yttps://hwltucfjthjntjr.orf/wp-hontjnt/uplowcs/Fwht-Syjjt_Unmjt-Njjc-vor-Sutsicizjc-Cyilc-Cwrj_85.86.82.pcv Cyilcrjn’s Counhil ov Swn Frwnhisho. (5784). Atout. yttp://www.hyilcrjnshounhil.orf/Atout Ehonomih Polihy Institutj [EPI]. (5784). Brjwkinf tyj siljnhj on jwrly hyilchwrj wnc jcuhwtion hosts. yttps://www.jpi.orf/putlihwtion/trjwkinf-tyj-siljnhj-on-jwrly-hyilc-hwrj-wnc-jcuhwtion-hosts-w-vwlujs-twsjc-tucfjt-vor-hyilcrjn-pwrjnts-wnc-tjwhyjrs-in-hwlivorniw/ Hjrtst, C.M. (5786). Tyj risinf host ov hyilc hwrj in tyj Unitjc Stwtjs: A rjwssjssmjnt ov tyj jvicjnhj [Dishussion Pwpjr]. Institutj vor Lwtor [IZA]. yttp://vtp.izw.orf/cp4745.pcv Kwntwtutrw, S., & Avjry, G.C. (5787). Tyj powjr ov vision: Stwtjmjnts tywt rjsonwtj. Journwl ov Businjss Strwtjfy, 98(8), 94-16. DOI 87.8873/75462228788785424 Mwlik, R., Hwmm, K., Shyohyjt, L. Novow, C., Workmwn, S., & Jjssjn-Howwrc, S. (5783). Amjrihw’s hyilc hwrj cjsjrts in 5783. Cjntjr vor Amjrihwn Profrjss. yttps://www.wmjrihwnprofrjss.orf/issujs/jwrly-hyilcyooc/rjports/5783/85/72/128219/wmjrihws-hyilc-hwrj-cjsjrts-5783/ Nortyousj, P.G. (5784). Ljwcjrsyip: Tyjory wnc prwhtihj. Tyouswnc Owks, Cwlivorniw: SAGE Putlihwtions Rwsmussjn, A., Mwcjr, L.K., & Rjyjr, S. (5784). Wity w littlj yjlp vrom tyj pjoplj? Tyj rolj ov putlih opinion in wcvohwhy suhhjss. Compwrwtivj Politihwl Stucijs, 68(5), 894-821. yttps://coi.orf/87.8844/7787181784246991 Stipjk, D., & Putlih Anwlysis vor Cwlivorniw Ecuhwtion [PACE]. (5783). Ewrly hyilcyooc jcuhwtion in Cwlivorniw [Tjhynihwl rjport]. Stwnvorc Univjrsity. yttps://www.fjttinfcowntovwhts.hom/sitjs/cjvwult/viljs/5783-74/GDTFII_Rjport_Stipjk.pcv Tjwtjr, B. (5773). Invlujnhinf stwtj ljfislwtors: A vrwmjwork vor cjvjlopinf jvvjhtivj sohiwl work intjrjst froups. Journwl ov Polihy Prwhtihj, 3(8), 24-32. yttps://coi.orf/87.8737/86633417375535617

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