Instructions:Put your SQL in the "Problem 6"


Put your SQL in the "Problem 6" location in the SQL template.

Put your row count in the green box in cell D5.

Start with the same problem statement as in Problem 5, except this time generate a summary report.  For each course name, list the count of the students who will need to be contacted for each format.    Sort your report so it’s alphabetically sorted on Course Name, then by format (online or in person).    A sample output is below (your data may vary.)

Paste a screen shot of successful execution below.  Be sure your screenshots show all the SQL you use; you are welcome to include several screen shots if necessary.

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12-09-20 | 11:25:18

use university;
select concat(CourseDept,' ',CourseNumber) as course,CourseDesc,
concat(stdFirstName,' ',stdLastName) as student_name,OffTerm,Format,
concat(FacFirstName,' ',FacLastName) as professor_name
from course c, enrollment e, faculty f, offering o, student s
where c.idcourse=o.Course_idCourse and f.idFaculty=o.Faculty_idFaculty and
s.idstudent=e.Student_idStudent and o.idOffering=e.Offering_idOffering order by
course asc, student_name asc;

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