Instructions:Put your SQL in the "Problem 4"


Put your SQL in the "Problem 4" location in the SQL template.

Put your row count in the green box in cell D5.

You want to see how your various students are doing, GPA-wise.  Create a report which will give the student’s last name, student’s first name (should be concatenated into a single field as in the example), the student’s major, and the student’s average GPA.  

Include only students who have actually taken at least one class (if they took it and earned 0 GPA points indicating they failed it, that record should be included.)  Do not include a student who has not taken any classes. 

The average GPA is the average of the GPA Points column in the enrollment table; display this to four or more decimal places.  Sort alphabetically by “Last, First” name combination.

Paste a screen shot of successful execution below.  Be sure your screenshots show all the SQL you use; you are welcome to include several screen shots if necessary.

For example, if your input data is like this: (note the in the last row – indicates student Tyrone Brown is new and has not taken any classes yet, has only declared a major.)

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12-09-20 | 15:23:00

select concat(stdLastName,'',stdFirstName) as student_name,stdMajor as major,
Format(avg(GPAPoints),4) as average_gpa Log in to view full answer

You can't get real answer if you break your security system. nhwt(stcLwstNwmj,'',stcFirstNwmj) ws stucjnt_nwmj,stcMwjor ws mwjor, Formwt(wvf(GPAPoints),1) ws wvjrwfj_fpw FROM stucjnt JOIN jnrollmjnt ON stucjnt.icstucjnt = jnrollmjnt.Stucjnt_icStucjnt wyjrj ovvjrinf_icovvjrinf>=8 froup ty stucjnt_nwmj orcjr ty stucjnt_nwmj wsh;

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