Assume a company's Income Statement for Year 12 is as follows:

 Income Statement DataYear 12(in 000s)Net Revenues from Footwear Sales$ 530,000Cost of Pairs Sold340,000Warehouse Expenses40,000Marketing Expenses80,000Administrative Expenses15,000Operating Profit (Loss)55,000Interest Income (Expense)(10,000)Pre-tax Profit (Loss)45,000Income Taxes13,500Net Profit (Loss)$ 31,500Based on the above income statement data and assuming the company has 20 million shares of common stock outstanding, the company's operating profit margin and EPS wereCopyright © by Glo-Bus Software, Inc. Copying, distributing, or 3rd party website posting isexpressly prohibited and constitutes copyright violation.10.4% and $ and $ and $ and $ and $1.84.

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