Assignment: Group Assignment (10%)? Each group completes the tasks

Assignment: Group Assignment (10%)
? Each group completes the tasks to be found in the Week 10 Assignment, deciding where and
how Toyota should produce a particular Lexus model in North America, by the end of this week,
in a succinct report that includes an executive summary. The group product should be submitted
in the Group Assignment Folder by the end of the week
? Peer evaluations must be completed and submitted in each individual's  assignment folder by
the end of the week
Assignment Clarification:
To properly complete this assignment, it will be important for each team to consider the following
? Assignment Proper. Key to solving the assignment proper, possibly with supporting files, is
to tackle its various parts one by one, fully answering each requirement.  In this regard, don't
get hung up on one exercise; move on to the next one.  Do refer back to prior seminars or other
courses (properly cited of course) if they included any of the quantitative techniques required
? To remain motivated, remember that the overall learning goal here is to familiarize each team
member with the OM techniques and concepts involved, not to make you a Toyota production
? Thus remember to explain the team's answers in succinct but good English, particularly if the
team wishes to obtain an above-task grade
? Be sure to study all the assignment help materials that are posted here.
? Please mark your answers clearly in your assignment submission, so they can be easily found
and identified.
? Post the team final paper in the Group Assignment Folder, clearly marked as the final
? After the team assignment is completed and submitted for grading, each team member is to
complete Peer Evaluation Assignment and submit the form in his/her own individual assignment
folder. NOTE: until a completed peer evaluation form is submitted, the individual member
concerned will not be assigned a grade for the team project.

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Toyota production system is an integrated system that considers equipment’s, raw materials and
human resources in an efficient way by ensuring that they are well utilized to meet productivity
without making it hazardous to the workers. The production system is based on two principals
“just in time” and jidoka. Toyota Company is based on delivery of required products within
specified time to ensure they always meet the market demand therefore it is appropriate to have a
functional system that evaluate mistakes and correct them within production process. TPS
principals have mini values that influence the working of the company. These mini values are
defined and explained below.
Andon is a virtual control technique that defines the current state of work (Toyotageorgetown,
2017). Depending on the workability of the system, work condition is always subjected to
changes. In the case of damages in the system, the production rate is always likely to go down.
The quality of the output in such situation is also expected to be low. The situation that results in
low output in terms of quality and quantity is known as an abnormal situation. Therefore, a
proper mechanism to identify causes of the abnormality needs to be in place and running to keep
the company ahead in production. The best thing is that Toyota has an integrated system that
combines production processes as well as risk identifiers and correction mechanism. The current
state of the work also enshrines the work instruction conditions. Work instruction offers
procedure of how products are produced. The technique behind work instruction is to improve
efficiency by teaching even the basic concept such as how to handles the tools. The final mini



principal under Andon is the job progress information. Job progress information shows how
much has been done and how much is remaining. Progress measurement is important in planning
and setting deadlines. With good progress estimation, the company can always have good quality
product in the right quantity at the right time. Bank of America can apply this technique by
defining how each employee should be doing work through providing work instruction. Besides
that, they can also classify the operation of their system as either operating normally or
abnormally. For example, if there is a breakdown in the system resulting to slow services, it can
be classified as abnormal to ensure that affected part is repaired on time.
Genchi Genbutsu
In English, this terms means “go and see the problem” (toyotageorgetown, 2017). Many
companies today rely on second-hand information. Over reliance on second information possess
danger such as inaccuracy in the transmission of the information. Avoiding problem associated
with secondary information, Toyota Company usually aim to be the witness and receiver of the
firsthand information regarding the problem identified. Having firsthand information about the
problem is important since it facilitates offering the solution required. The solution proposed in
such situation always aims to meet

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Tyjrjvorj, Toyotw vwlujs tyj prwhtihwl jxpjrijnhj rwtyjr tywn tyjorjtihwl onj. Tyj mwin rjwson vor suhy wpprowhy is tywt yjstjrcwy protljm is not tocwy protljm sinhj tyj njjc ov yjstjrcwy wws totwlly civvjrjnt vrom tyj njjcs ov tocwy. For jxwmplj, in tyj pwst hwrs wjrj vijwjc ws mjwns ov movinf pjoplj vrom onj plwhj to tyj otyjr tut tocwy hwrs wrj w luxury systjm tywt must ywvj musih plwyjrs, hwmjrws, wir honcitions wnc mwny otyjr importwnt jljmjnts. Tyjrjvorj, w protljm wssohiwtjc wity tocwy systjm hwnnot tj solvjc jvvjhtivjly ty tyjorjtih mjwns proposjc in tyj 1 TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM pwst. Surjly, tyjy wrj ljss likjly to work. Tyjrjvorj, prwhtihwl jxpjrijnhj will promotj njw icjws tywt will yjlp to solvj tocwy protljms jvvjhtivjly. For tyj hwsj ov Bwnk ov Amjrihw, toty hustomjrs wnc workjrs homplwin wtout civvjrjnt protljms. Workjrs vjjl tywt tyj workinf honcition is poor wyilj hustomjr vjjls tywt sjrvihjs ovvjrjc wrj unswtisvyinf. 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