After studying The Orion Shield Project, each

After studying The Orion Shield Project, each student is to address the following questions in a succinct and thoughtful report on
'Project Management Principles in the Orion Shield Case."
NOTE: IN CASE YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THIS LINK TO THE ORION SHIELD PROJECT, it is also posted as a separate file in this week's module), and a link to the
transcript of the video is in the "Overview and Readings" file.
1. Applying the readings from Week 7, what Project Management principles, if any, were violated in this case:
By Project Manager Gary Allison,
By Henry Larsen, Director of Engineering
By Elliott Grey, Director of Program Management
By Paula Arnold, Project Engineer

2. What structural and cultural characteristics of SEC allowed each of these individuals to behave as they did? Be specific in defining the behavior you feel
was a violation or failure, and the organizational characteristic(s ) that supported that behavior.
How does the Project Management Body Knowledge address the effects of organizational structure and culture on successful project management?
What principles of project and general management can a project manager rely upon to positively influence these organizational characteristics?
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3. What guidance do project management principles give for creating effective communication, and what do you think Gary would have done differently if he
had been well versed in those principles?
4. Henry Larsen gave Gary three requirements for good project management. How do those compare with the project management body of knowledge?
Should Gary have been given different advice?
If so, what would have been better advice?
If this was good advice, how did Gary fall short on those three criteria?
5. How many departments were involved in this project, and what guidance do project management principles give for coordinating functional departments?
Citing relevant principles, explain what Gary could have done differently to avoid Larsen’s perception that Gary had failed as a project manager.
6. Finally, did Gary fail? If SEC was awarded a sole source contract for production of the new material, why was his project perceived as a failure?
Do you agree or disagree? Explain your rationale, citing relevant project management literature for how success is defined for a project.
Remember to include a meaningful, results-filled executive summary at the beginning of your report.

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Analyzing the Orion shield project case, one can easily capture failure by key stakeholders in
making the project a success. The basic principal of project management such as integrity,
responsibility, risk recognition, organization alignment and standard of engagement were lengthy
Henry Larsen who was the director of engineering is an opportunistic person who knows how
well to win project for the company. Larsen, give new project managers contracts that he knows
exactly that it will be difficult to meet the requirement. For instance, when Gary learnt about
ethical issues in the project but he was forced to falsely offer wrong information in the proposal.
It is a requirement that project taker should inform project sponsors and stakeholders about all
the information that will influence the success or failure of the project to enable them to make
the right decision (Kshama, 2017). Despite that, Larsen chose to pressure Gary to lie about the
ability of the company to meet the project requirements within the specified schedule.
Another principal that was violated is the principal of responsibility (Kshama, 2017). Project
manager has a responsibility of developing a project plan and ensuring that team members
perform tasks assigned to them adequately and correctly within the set time. Besides that, it is the
work of the project managers to secure acceptance and deliverables from the project sponsor.
The project manager also has the responsibility of communicating emerging issues, progress, and
risk management. Therefore, for the project managers to be conversant with their activities they
need to know the technological requirement of the project, ability

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