1.       [SQL Week 2 Question 200-504] You

1.       [SQL Week 2 Question 200-504] You want to compute the order total for your shipments.  For all of your shipments, put together a report which contains the following columns.

a.       Sort it ascending on idShipment

b.       Create a new field in the output result called OrderTotal, which is the price per unit multiplied by the order quantity.  You will need to calculate this field in SQL.

Your output will look a little bit like the following.  Your numbers may vary from this example

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12-09-20 | 10:10:15

Select idshipment, CompanyName, Manufacturer, ProductName, Scantag, PricePerUnit, Quantity,

You can't get real answer if you break your security system. csyipmjnt, CompwnyNwmj, Mwnuvwhturjr, ProcuhtNwmj, Shwntwf, PrihjPjrUnit, Quwntity, PrihjPjrUnit*Quwntity ws OrcjrTotwl FROM Customjr h join syipmjnt s On h.icCustomjr=s.Customjr_icCustomjr Join procuht p ON p.icprocuht=s.Procuht_icProcuht orcjr ty icSyipmjnt wsh;

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