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What is an Operation Plan Example and template available

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What is an operational plan?

An operation plan details your company’s objective, goals, procedures, and timeline. Apparently, an operation plan helps you to employ capital and expense resources so you can meet the company’s goals within set deadlines. It outlines the steps you will take to complete the mission of the business. You can view the operation plan example and template in the attachment below.

Type of operational plan

You can divide the operations plan into two further groups. Plans designed for one-time use only, which addresses a specific problem within that phase. On the other hand, if operational planning is on-going, it remains in progress for as long as they are relevant. The operating plan is modified whenever necessary, using management interventions geared towards achieving the most attainable results.

What does an operating plan contain?

An operation plan template is a management tool concerned with how you buy, build, and prepare your goods or services. You need to see operations as a linear process so you can break it down to tasks. Hire a  person responsible for the operation strategies to assist you with operational planning.

The operations plan is a section of a business plan and has a lot of interest to the investors as it provides the roadmap to success in fine detail. An operation plan answers the vital questions of operations:

  • Who – This details the workforce and departments to handle specific assignments. For a large workforce, an organogram may come in handy in breaking down organizational structures.
  • What – Here, the description of the strategies and tasks for each and every department is provided.
  • Where – This section explains the places of occurrence of day-to-day operations.
  • When – The due dates for tasks and goals have to be made clear here.
  • Cost – outlines the cost aspect of operation with respect to each department.

Characteristic of effective operational planning

The main aim of operations plan is having a clear goal for everyone-individually and collectively. Operation objectives are essential to achieve for-all goals. For your operational objective to back your strategic objective, you have to think SMART. Your operational objectives should be:

  • Specific: Every employee should be aware of the precise achievement that is required of them.
  • Measurable: Can you quantify it? Make sure you can put figures to the goals so that you can track progress.
  • Attainable and Realistic: The plan of your operations must be within reality. An overambitious plan sets the team up for failure, and this can be demoralizing. Provide adequate resources so that chances of failure are minimized.
  • Timely: Have a due date when results are expected for everyone.

Departmental Goals and Objectives

Operational plan is based on objectives and strategies. Each department’s goal should be different and should be geared towards helping the company to achieve its general operations objective. Moreover, operational objectives change over time in line with the changing industrial environment.

Below is an example of a local services business objective:

  • Strategic objective: To offer cleaning services all over Eastern Texas.
  • The operational objective for the technology departmentTo build three online payment options on our website for better user experience by June 2020.
  • The operational objective for the marketing department: To boost traffic to the website by 60% by June 2020 by using social media ads, radio, print ads, and advertising on top soap manufacturer’s websites like Reckitt Benckiser.
  • The operational objective for the sales department: To increase sales by 25% by knocking on more doors, especially in three of the 38 cities in East Texas.

An operational plan is a basis for and a justification of funding. The desired outcomes should align with staffing and resource allocations. A process of monitoring steps forward during implementation ensures that set goals are met.

So what confuses you about operational planning? Kindly comment below-and we will reply back soonest with appropriate explanation.

In the meantime, kindly check the operational planning example attached below; it also contains operations plan template that may assist you in understanding how to create an operation plan correctly. 

Click below to dowload attachment:

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