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How to write operation plan for small businessOperation plan of a business details your company’s objective, goals, procedures, and timeline. This ...

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How to write operation plan for small business

Operation plan of a business details your company’s objective, goals, procedures, and timeline. This plan helps you to employ capital and expense resources so you can meet the company’s goals within set deadlines. It outlines the steps you will take to complete the mission of the business. Kindly check operation plan business plan example attached below.

This roadmap can be divided into two further categories. Single-use operation plan of a business addresses only a specific current problem within that period. On the other hand, an ongoing operational plan in management carries forward to future periods. Operation plan for business plan is changed as necessary, using management interventions geared towards achieving the most attainable results.

Operation plan business plan is a management tool that is concerned with how you buy, build and prepare your goods or services. You need to see operations as a linear process so you can break it down to tasks. The person responsible for the strategy is referred to by their job role and operations director job description should include an adequate understanding of different operation plans and their purpose.

Operation plan for business plan is of great interest to the investors as it provides the roadmap to success in fine detail. An operating plan answers the vital questions of operations:

·         Who – This details the workforce and departments in charge of specific tasks. For a large workforce, an organogram may come in handy in breaking down organizational structures.

·         What – Here, the description of the strategies and tasks that each department is responsible for is provided.

·         Where – This is the information of where daily operations will be taking place.

·         When – The deadlines for when tasks and goals are to be completed have to be made clear here.

·         How much – The financial commitments each department needs to complete its tasks.

The main aim of operations plan on a business plan is to provide a clear goal for everyone, individually and collectively. For your operational objective to back your strategic objective, you have to think SMART. Your operational objective should be:

·         Specific: Every employee should be aware of the a precise achievement that is required of them.

·         Measurable: Can you quantify it? Make sure you can put figures to the goals so that you can track progress.

·         Attainable and Realistic: The plan of your operations must be within reality. An overambitious plan sets the team up for failure and this can be demoralizing. Provide adequate resources so that chances of failure are minimized.

·         Timely: Have a date when results are expected for everyone.

Departmental Goals and Objectives

Each department’s goal should be different and should be geared towards helping the company to achieve its general objective. Moreover, operational objectives change over time in line with the changing industry environment.

Below, is an example of a local services business objective:

·         Strategic objective: To offer cleaning services all over Eastern Texas.

·         Technology department operational objective: To create three online payment options on our website for better user experience by June 2020.

·         Marketing department operational objective: To increase traffic to the website by 50% by June 2020, by advertising on social media, radio, print ads, and top soap manufacturer’s websites.

·         Sales department operational objective: To increase sales by 25% by targeting three of the 38 cities in East Texas.

An operational planning is a basis for and a justification of funding. The desired outcomes should align with staffing and resource requirements. A process of monitoring progress of implementation ensures that set goals are met.

Still, doubting your ability to create an operational plan? Worry no more check operation plan in a business plan example attached below to get insight into what goes into an operational plan.  Our operation plan for business plan example contains all sections and provides you a well created example that will guide you in every step to make an outstanding operation plan for any business be it small, medium, or large.

If you still doubt your ability, Find a freelancer to select an expert to guide and help you in creating your desired operation plan.

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