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IT Project ManagementProject management refers to the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to obtain particular proje...

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IT Project Management

Project management refers to the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to obtain particular project goals. The information technology (IT) industry has advanced and formed its kind of project management known as IT project management.

IT project management stands for the way a person organizes and manages resources that are necessary to complete a given piece of work that is related to IT. It is all about the delivery of technical assets and services that have to pass through several lifecycle stages such as forecasting, design, development, trials, and deployment.

The timeline within which an IT project runs informs the project schedule. The calendar is analyzed and developed for the completion of the deliverables. Proper project time management increases effectiveness and productivity. When the activities are well planned, goals set and prioritized, the project is most likely to run smoothly and on schedule.

An IT project must have a start and an end, with clear goals to be obtained. An IT project manager has a primary challenge of ensuring all the technical goals within the organization are achieved using given constraints. The IT project manager endeavors to complete projects in a way that they comply with the client's objectives, they are on schedule, within budget, and according to previously agreed quality standards.

For every project, IT project managers develop and use repeatable project management patterns. These patterns allow project plans to become very thorough and highly replicable, with the precise intention of increasing quality, lowering delivery costs, and reducing the time it takes to deliver project outcomes. Consequently, excellence is achieved progressively through editing and improving these templates based on their performance in project delivery.

The Four P's of Project Management

  • The main aspects of IT project management go hand in hand with the four underlying forces that influence the project. These are:
  • Plan: Every project will rely heavily on precise forecasting of its activities.
  • Process: The tactics employed in the course of the project will affect its outcome.
  • People: Working together towards the same goals and perfect communication significantly improve the chances of project success, especially if it is an online project.
  • Power: The decision-makers, those in the line of authority, have to ensure policies are implemented to guarantee progress. They have to focus on project risk management and be proactive throughout the project.

Phases of an IT Project


Once an IT project has been initiated, time, cost and resources are planned to a great depth to approximate the work required to manage the threats that may erupt during the phases of the project. Planning improves the chances of success to the project, and it gives confidence in the form of a contingency plan.


The implementation phase of IT projects is what matters the most at the end of the day. An elaborate project management plan will not mean much if it does not produce results. The deliverables have to be executed accordingly. Material and human resources have to be managed efficiently at this phase through coordination and proper allocation.

Project Documentation

Records in every stage of the project are of significance for success. So that the limits of the budget, the project scope, and the pace intended are monitored, physical documentation must exist for reference. This way, IT project managers can track the project and control the variables accordingly to ensure all remain in check.

Monitoring and Controlling

The processes performed to watch over the execution of the project so that potential threats can be duly identified and adequately dealt with to influence success are what consist of monitoring and controlling. The performance of the IT project is observed during this phase and measured consistently to ensure everything is according to the project management plan.

This phase also provides feedback to the next process of the project in the case of is multi-phased projects. It helps the organization to see how to get on track again whenever there is a gap by identifying the remedial actions.

Each time that changes are introduced to a project, the viability of the project must be re-examined. An accumulation of changes, if left unchecked, will most likely influence unplanned outcomes which may vary from the originally proposed results of the project. A successful project management team will track the progress of the project and ensure that time and budget frames are within acceptable limits.


The final phase of an IT project is its closure: the formal acceptance and end of the contract of the project by clients. At this phase, it is paramount that files are archived and lessons learned documented as these will inform the next similar project. A post-implementation review meeting should be held at this point to analyze how the project went. If performed correctly, closing a project can offer a significant backbone to the next similar project's success.


IT project management is what determines how well or poorly outcomes are achieved. As a client, you have to choose IT managers wisely to guarantee the chances of your project succeeding. There are a lot of freelancers on this website to use. Online project management is the way of the future.

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