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Business Proposal

Proposal Summary

WePublish is a platform that was developed in 2019 to assists minority writers from marginalized communities to learn, write, and publish their work. WePublish seeks to connect minority writers to minority publishers for mutual benefit.

Business Description

Wepublish is a writing platform that aims to connect minority writers to minority publishers. The platform allows people with little resources to publish their stories without having to undergo excessive expenses and difficult process that is evident in current publication processes. WePublish mostly targets marginalized communities writers to give them exposure, support, and opportunity to grow. Some of the support that we offer include training, editing support, and writing assistance.


To enable minority writers from marginalized communities with stories and desire to write an opportunity to learn, tell their stories, and grow to a recognized writer of the future.  

Target Audience

Users of this service are minority writers from marginal communities across the world who have limited or no access at all, to publish their work.  Most of these writers have great stories that can change their lives, but they do not have the necessary training to arrange their work correctly; they do not have money to publish their work, and they don't know where to start their writing and publish journey.


Making it easier for minority writers from marginalized communities to learn how to tell their stories in the best way possible and get writing and publishing support regardless of where they are in the world is our main goal. We want writers to come up with new stories every day and never worry about the publishing process or cost associated with it.  We also want to inform minority publishers about many untouched beautiful stories that are available across the world, which can change many people's lives. The dream of many publishers is to publish stories that attract the attention of many, and if such a goal is achieved, the entire supply chain of the minority writing industry will benefit. Therefore, the goal is to get the best stories that are out there. WePublish has managed to link up with minority writers with full potential, and they are looking to link them with minority publishers for mutual benefit.

Initial Costs in 1st Year (2019)



Training cost


Writing support cost


Traveling expense


Revenue Model

Since we do a lot of work like sourcing writers, training them, and editing their work, we expect to receive 50% of the price of the book/content when sold by publisher. From this amount, 20% will be paid to writers, while 30% will be retained to assist us in running WePublish.

Estimated Growth second and third Year (2020-2021)

10,000 Valid written content suitable to be published as a book  (2019)

It is estimated that content growth will be negative in 2020 due to covid19

However, if everything returns to normal in 2021, WePublish content is estimated to grow by 20%

Future Development

Create a mobile app for writers to access WePublish easily, to check the performance of the published work, and to learn new techniques.


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