[solved] Which one of the following is not an aspect of socially responsible behavior and good corporate citizenship?

Actions to create a work environment that enhances the quality of life for employees and makes the company a great place to work

Actions to build a workforce that is diverse with respect to gender, race, national origin, and perhaps other aspects that different people bring to the workplace

Actions to protect or enhance the environment and, in particular, to minimize or eliminate any adverse impact on the environment stemming from the company's own business activities

Making charitable contributions, supporting worthy organizational causes, participating in community service activities, helping to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, and trying to better the quality of life in society at large

Actions to keep the prices the company charges for its products/services low enough to prevent the company's profits from being viewed by the general public as obscenely high or exorbitant

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09-10-22 | 07:17:28

correct answer
Actions to keep the

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